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Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth


1861 Census - RADIPOLE

transcribed by Debby Rose

Superintendent Registrar's District: Weymouth

Enumeration District: 3

Registrar's Sub-District: Upwey

Name of Enumerator, Mr: Joseph Groves

Part of the parish of Radipole including Radipole Village, Radipole Farm, Nottington House and Grounds, Corfe Hill Farm, Job Gill's Farm, Redlands, Rocky Knapp, Spa Road and all the houses and cottages on the turnpike road leading from Corfe Hill Lodge to the boundary stone of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. Part of the parish of Radipole in Melcombe Regis Ward, and in St. John's Ecclesiastical District - from the boundary stone of the said Borough comprising little barrack field, York Villa, Park Villa, and the whole of the houses on both sides of the road to St. John's church, the whole of Someset Place, Green Hill, and Wadsworth's Farm House and no. 20 Brunswick Buildings.

Fol. 44 page 1

Tything of Radipole

1, Corfe Hill House,

Catherine BALSTON, head, widow, 72, fundholder, Dorset, Portisham

Jane LORD, visitor, widow, 56, fundholder, Wilts, Little Cheverell

Edith HARRIS, serv, widow, 72, housekeeper, Dorset, Poole

Charlotte FOUNTAIN, serv, unm, 30, Lady's Maid, Dorset, Cerne Abbas

Mary GILL, serv, unm, 20, assistant do, Dorset, Radipole

Mary WILKINS, serv, unm, 28, Housemaid, Dorset, Chideock

Maria CHARLES, serv, unm, 18, Under Cook, Dorset, Osmington

Georgiana PARMITER, serv, unm, 17, Kitchen Maid, Dorset, Warehm

Nehemiah BALCH, serv, unm, 30, Coachman, Somerset, South Brewham

Alfred GROVES, serv, unm, 19, Footman, Dorset, Upwey

2, Corfe Hill House,

Robert CHIPP, head, mar, 30, Bailiff & Dairyman, Dorset, Piddletrenthide

Mary A CHIPP, wife, mar, 36, Dairyman's wife, Dorset, Hillfield

Elizabeth N CHIPP, dau, unm, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

William CHIPP, son, unm, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

George C CHIPP, son, unm, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Frances A CHIPP, dau, unm, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

John J CHIPP, son, unm, 6m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Mary H GILL, serv, unm, 19, Dairymaid, Dorset, Poorton

3, Radipole Farm,

Job GILL, head, mar, 62, Farmer of 100 acres emp. 3 men, 2? Boys, Dorset, Loders

Bridget GILL, wife, mar, 56, Farmer's wife, Dorset, Bridport

Mary A GILL, dau, unm, 23, farmer's daughter, Dorset, Radipole

George A GILL, son, unm, 20, farmer's son, Dorset, Radipole

Emma S GILL, dau, unm, 18, farmer's daughter, Dorset, Radipole

Anne HAYNES, serv, unm, 20, Cook, Dorset, Bridport

John GILL, serv, unm, 15, Dairyboy, Guernsey

Fol. 44 page 2


4, Parsonage House,

Charles BLACKDEN, head, unm, 55, Curate of Radipole Dorset, Bucks, Highendham?

Mary A STONE, serv, unm, 45, House servant, Dorset, Corfe Castle

Charlotte COOK, serv, unm, 20, House servant, Dorset, Allweston?

5, Cottage,

Charlotte MILLER, head, widow, 58, Washerwoman, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth MILLER, dau, unm, 28, dau of washerwoman, Dorset, Radipole

Fanny F MILLER, dau, unm, 15, dau of washerwoman, Dorset, Radipole

Georgiana COSENS, lodger, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Charles COSENS, lodger, unm, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Mary A DAVIS, gd.dau, unm, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

6, Cottage,

John CRITCHELL, head, mar, 43, Gentleman's Gardener, Dorset, Upwey

Anne CRITCHELL, wife, mar, 52, Schoolmistress, Dorset, Maiden Newton

Sarah CRITCHELL, dau, unm, 20, teacher in National School, Dorset, Upwey

George CRITCHELL, son, unm, 17, gardener's assistant, Dorset, Upwey

Mary TIZARD, lodger, unm, 63, fundholder, Dorset, Maiden Newton

7, Cottage,

George HENVILLE, head, mar, 41, Butler (Domestic servt), Dorset, Gunville

Maria HENVILLE, wife, mar, 42, wife of butler, Dorset, Blandford

Annie HENVILLE, dau, unm, 13, scholar, Dorset, Blandford

Arthur HENVILLE, son, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Emily HENVILLE, dau, unm, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Jane HENVILLE, dau, unm, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

8, Cottage,

George HATCHER, head, mar, 42, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Chickerell

Susan HATCHER, wife, mar, 34, washer woman, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth HATCHER, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

John HATCHER, son, unm, 8m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Mary PAUL, sis in law, unm, 25, washer woman, Dorset, Radipole

Selena GODWIN, lodger, unm, 16, washer woman, Dorset, Chickerell

Fol. 45 page 3


9, Cottage,

Sarah FANCY, head, widow, 76, annuitant, Dorset, Radipole

Margaret MOWLEM, neice, unm, 34, attendant, Dorset, Radipole

Susanna MOWLEM, neice, unm, 22, dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole

Mary B DAVIS, visitor, unm, 18, farmaid?, Monmouth, Abergavenny


George FORD, head, mar, 39, Dairyman, Dorset, Upwey

Esther FORD, wife, mar, 40, wife of dairyman, Dorset, Winterbourne

Alfred FORD, son, -,19, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Samuel FORD, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Walter J FORD, son, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Harry W FORD, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Esther A FORD, dau, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

Harriett H FORD, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

Robert G FORD, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Louisa M A BARTLETT, dau in law, 19, Dairymaid, Dorset, Buckland Ripers

Martha G. BARTLETT, dau in law, 18, Dairymaid, Dorset, Buckland Ripers


John HARRIS, head, mar, 57,Carpenter, Dorset, Watercombe

Jane HARRIS, head, mar, 57, wife of carpenter, Dorset, Lytchett Matravers

Fred J HARRIS, gd.son, 7, -, -, Dorset, Radipole

12, Mill House,

Margaret DICKENSON, serv, unm, 19, Housekeeper, North....

George DRAKE, serv, unm, 22, Miller, Dorset, Piddletrenthide

13, Mill Cottage,

Richard GREEN, head, mar, Miller, Monmouth

Sarah GREEN, wife, mar, wife of Miller, Dorset, Bincombe

Jane GREEN, dau, unm, daur of miller, Dorset, Radipole

Bessie GREEN, dau, unm, daur of miller, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 45 page 4


14, Cottage,

Job ABBOTT, head, mar, 29, Miller's Carter, Dorset, Whitechurch

Ellen ABBOTT, wife, mar, 24, wife of miller's carter, Dorset, Whitechurch

Thomas ABBOTT, son, 4, -, Dorset, Whitechurch

John H ABBOTT, son, 2, -, Dorset, Whitechurch

Caroline ABBOTT, dau, 3m, -, Dorset, Radipole

15, Cottage,

George GILL, head, mar, 43, Road Labourer, Dorset, Loders

Dinah GILL, wife, mar, 39, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole

George GILL, son, unm, 18, Volunteer Marines, Dorset, Radipole

Charlotte GILL, dau, unm, 14, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

John GILL, son, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Job GILL, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Richard GILL, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Mark J GILL, son, -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Harry G GILL, son, 3, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

16, Cottage,

Thomas DOWNTON, head, mar, 37, shepherd, Dorset, Brianstone

Sarah DOWNTON, wife, mar, 38, wife of shepherd, Dorset, Radipole

Robert DOWNTON, son, unm, 16, miller, Dorset, Radipole

George DOWNTON, son, unm, 15, farm boy, Dorset, Radipole

William DOWNTON, son, unm, 12, mill boy, Dorset, Radipole

John DOWNTON, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Henry DOWNTON, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Sarah DOWNTON, dau, -, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

17, Cottage,

William DOWNTON, head, mar, 67, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Boshampton

Grace DOWNTON, wife, mar, 56, labourer's wife, Dorset, Lyme

Fol. 46 page 5


18, Cottage,

William SCRIVEN, head, mar, 42, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Jane SCRIVEN, wife, mar, 40, tailoress, Dorset, Chickerell

Joseph SCRIVEN, son, unm, 12, farm boy, Dorset, Radipole

Rosa A SCRIVEN, dau, -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Samuel SCRIVEN, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

19, Carpenters Shop,

Ann T STEVENS, head, widow, 57 , carpenter & baker, Dorset, Whatcombe

Richard A STEVENS, son, mar, 25, Builder's carp & miller, Dorset, Radipole

George L STEVENS, son, unm, 20, painter, Dorset, Radipole

John L STEVENS, son, unm, 18, plumber, Dorset, Radipole

Levi C STEVENS, son, unm, 14, grocer (ap), Dorset, Radipole

Harry A STEVENS, son, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Harold O'B STEVENS, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

20, Mountain Cottage,

George GALPIN, head, mar, 33, Carpenter, Dorset, Toller Porcorum

Mary D GALPIN, wife, mar, 32. Dressmaker, Dorset, Powerstock

Henry S GALPIN, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Powerstock

Richard S GALPIN, son, -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Toller Porcorum

William BILLEN?, lodger, unm, 22, Carpenter's (Ap), Dorset, Toller Porcorum

21, Round Hill Cott.,

Solomon GALE, head, mar, 33, Farm carter, Dorset, Powerstock

Charlotte GALE, wife, mar, 28, carter's wife, Dorset, Poorton

William GALE, son, -, 9, Plough Boy, Dorset, Corscombe

Ellen GALE, dau, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Netherbury

Annie GALE, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth J GALE, dau, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Benjamin COSENS, bro in law, unm, 23, Carpenter, Dorset, Nettlecombe

Fol. 46 page 6


22, Round Hill Cott.,

Henry HARRIS, head, mar, 33, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Upwey

Priscilla HARRIS, wife, mar, 34, lab's wife, Dorset, Radipole

Harry HARRIS, son, -, 6, -, Dorset, Radipole

Walter HARRIS, son, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

Emily HARRIS, neice, -, 4m, -, Dorset, Weymouth

23, Farm Cottage,

Richard HALLET, head, mar, 33, Farm labourer, Dorset, Broadwey

Elizabeth HALLET, wife, mar, 35, wife of farm lab, Dorset, Radipole

Susan A HALLET, dau, unm, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Richard HALLET, father, widr, 61, Carter (Farm), Dorset, Came

24, Farm Cottage,

George MORRIS, head, mar, 23, Woodman, Dorset, Broadwey

Hannah MORRIS, wife, mar, 30, wife of woodman, Dorset, Radipole

Mary J MORRIS, dau, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

George J MORRIS, son, -, 2, -, Dorset, Radipole

Eliza MORRIS, dau, -, 9m, -, Dorset, Radipole

25, Marvels Cottage,

Joseph GROVES, head, mar, 60, Farmer of 417 acres emp.9 men, 4 boys of b ?, Dorset, Came

Jane GROVES, wife, mar, 50, Farmer's wife, Somerset, Sock

Joseph GROVES, son, unm, 21, Farmer's son, Dorset, Upwey

John GROVES, son, unm, 19, Farmer's son, Dorset, Upwey

Mathias GROVES, son, unm, 15, Farmer's son, Dorset, Radipole

Benjamin GROVES, bor, unm, 58, Retired Farmer, Dorset, Came

Kenway? BARRELS ?, serv, mar, 64, Dairywoman, Dorset, Leigh

26, Westend Cottage,

George SYMES, head, mar, 27, Blacksmith, Dorset, Shipton Gorge

27, Westend Cottage,

Richard NEAL, head, mar, 33, Agricultural Labourer, Dorset, Osmington

Sarah NEAL, wife, mar, 28, Washer Woman, Dorset, Radipole

Charlotte J NEAL, dau, -, 5m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 47 page 7


28, Duck Alley,

William FRY, head, mar, 45, Railway Labourer, Hants, Beaulieu

Eliza FRY, wife, mar, 40, wife of railway lab, Hants, Bolder

Elizabeth FRY, dau, unm, 13, dau of railway lab, Hants, Bolder

William FRY, son, unm, 11, Plough Boy, Hants, Bolder

Amelia FRY, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Upwey

George FRY, son, -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Broadwey

Louisa FRY, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

29, Lamb & Flag,

Robert MOWLEM, head, mar, 74, Publican & gardener?, Dorset, Radipole

Mary MOWLEM, wife, mar, 57, wife of publican, Monmouth, Abergavenny

John MOWLEM, son, unm, 36, Butcher, Dorset, Radipole

Edward MOWLEM, son, unm, 31, Miller, Dorset, Radipole

30, Duck Alley,

John LUCAS, head, mar, 64, Smith (black), Dorset, Dorchester

Jane LUCAS, wife, mar, 63, wife of smith, Dorset, Fleet

Jane LUCAS, dau, unm, 27, Dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole

Richard LUCAS, son, unm, 21, Smith (Ap), Dorset, Radipole

Esther E LUCAS, dau, unm, 18, Smith's, Dorset, Radipole

31, Duck Alley,

William WHITTLE, head, widr, 24, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth WHITTLE, sister, unm, 21, Farm servant, Dorset, Radipole

Charles WHITTLE, brother, unm, 19, Tin man, Dorset, Radipole

Edward WHITTLE, brother, unm, 17, Groom, Dorset, Radipole

Mary A HUNTER, visitor, unm, 19, Servant, Dorset, Weymouth

32, Duck Alley,

Thomas ROBERTS, head, mar, 45, Agricultural Labourer, Dorset, Stratton

Elizabeth ROBERTS, wife, mar, 53, wife of ag. Lab., Dorset, Bradford Peverell

Elizabeth ROBERTS, dau, unm, 13, scholar, Dorset, Stratton

Mary ROBERTS, dau, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Stratton

Fol. 47 page 8


32, Duck Alley cont.,

Henry ROBERTS, son, -, 6, -, Dorset, Stratton

33, Causway Mills,

James BLACKMORE, head, mar, 50, Miller, Somerset, Ilminster

Elizabeth BLACKMORE, wife, mar, 57, wife of miller, Dorset, Weymouth

Thomas ELSWORTH, lodger, unm, 30, Miller (assis), Dorset, Haslebury Brian

Anne GRABHAM, serv, unm, 18, General Servant, Somerset, Holyatt

William LUCAS, serv, unm, 23, Miller (workman), Dorset, Radipole

34, Mill Cottage,

Jonathan GROVES, head, unm, 54, General Servant, Dorset, Radipole

35, Causeway Cott.,

William J TRAVERS, head, mar, 33, agricultural labourer, Somerset, Crewkerne

Harriet H TRAVERS, wife, mar, 32, wife of ag. Lab., Devon, Axminster

William J TRAVERS, son, unm, 9m, -, Dorset, Radipole

36, Causeway Cott.,

Thomas ELLIS, head, mar, 33, Miller's Carter, [blank]

Jane ELLIS, wife, mar, 23, dressmaker, Dorset, Knighton

Caroline ELLIS, dau, -, 4, scholar, Dorset, Little Mayne

Mary J ELLIS, dau, -, 1, -, Dorset, Broadmayne

7, Nottington House,

3 Richard O F STEWARD, head, mar, 37, Magistrate (Major army ....?), Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Olivia L STEWARD, wife, mar, 29, wife of magistrate, Somerset, Bath

Louisa C STEWARD, sister, unm, 30, sister of magistrate, Dorset, Radipole

Augustus H BARJEW/BARGLA? , visitor, unm, 57, clergyman without care of souls, Flintshire, Neold?

Henry ROPER, serv, widr, 64, Butler, Dorset, Fleet

Mary A HOLLOWAY, serv, unm, 40, Lady's Maid, Gloucester, Uly

Fanny SMITH, serv, unm, 45, Housekeeper, Dorset, Great Toller

Mary PARSONS, serv, unm, 25, Cook, Dorset, Broadwindsor

John AILES, serv, unm, 17, Footman, Wilts, Mere

Harriet CHURCHILL, serv, unm, 16, Housemaid, Dorset, Sydling

Fol. 48 page 9


38, Gardener's Cott.,

Margaret WEBBER, head, widow, 60, formerly Laundress, Devon, Harwood

Mary A WEBBER, dau, unm, 28, Dressmaker, Dorset, Nottington

Elizabeth WEBBER, dau, unm, 25, Laundress, Dorset, Nottington

Richard WEBBER, son, unm, 18, Mason, Dorset, Nottington

Charles WEBBER, son, unm, 12, Dorset, Nottington

Harriet DAVIS, neice, -, 6, scholar, Kent, Greenhithe

39, Chapel Cottage,

Robert HIRAM?, head, widr, 65, Accountant, Dorset, Frampton

Rebecca VINCENT, visitor, widr, 70, Sempstress, Dorset, Frampton

40, Redlands Dairyhouse,

Thomas GARLAND, head, mar, 58, Dairyman, Dorset, Owermoigne

Sarah GARLAND, wife, mar, 44, wife of dairyman, Dorset, Portland

Rhoda GARLAND, dau, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Harriett GARLAND, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

John J GARLAND, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Sarah A GARLAND, dau, -, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Louisa GARLAND, dau, -, 2, -, Dorset, Radipole

Mary PARKER, serv, unm, 30, Dairymaid, Dorset, Radipole

William GARLAND, serv, 17, Dairyboy, Dorset, Owermoigne

Alice WINTER, mo in law, widow, 75, Seaman's widow, Dorset, Portland

41, Mount Pleasant,

Richard RIDOUT, head, mar, 36, Dairyman, Dorset, Okeford Fitzpaine

Caroline RIDOUT, wife, mar, 30, wife of dairyman, Dorset, Radipole

Alfred RIDOUT, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Wyke

Henry RIDOUT, son, -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Wyke

Emma RIDOUT, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

Sarah RIDOUT, dau, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Harriet HOBBS, serv, unm, 23, Dairymaid, Dorset, Symondsbury

Frederick STRANGE, serv, 17, Dairyboy, Dorset, Okeford Fitzpaine

Fol.48 page 10


42, Mount Pleasant,

Charles JESTY, head, mar, 30, Surveyor Turnpike, Devon, Kentisbeare?

Mary JESTY, wife, mar, 32, wife of Surveyor, Devon, Collumpton

William C JESTY, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Broadwey

Frederick G JESTY, son, -, 4, scholar, Dorset, Broadwey

Harry J JESTY, son, -, 2, -, Dorset, Broadwey

Mary M JESTY, dau, -, 11m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Jane HARRIS, visitor, mar, 39, nurse, Dorset, Wyke Regis

Fanny GREENING, serv, unm, 25, Housemaid, Dorset, not known?

43, Radipole Spa,

John GILL, head, mar, 54, Farmer, Dorset, Loders

Martha GILL, wife, mar, 55, Farmer's wife, Dorset, Mosterton

John R GILL, son, unm, 26, farmer's son, Dorset, Radipole

Sarah A GILL, dau, unm, 24, farmer's dau, Dorset, Radipole

Charles GILL, son, unm, 22, farmer's son, Dorset, Radipole

Emma R GILL, dau, unm, 14, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Spa Land


44, Radipole Tavern,

Mary SYMES, head, widow, 38, Beer Retailer, Dorset, Wyke

James SYMES, son, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Chickerell

Martha J SYMES, dau, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Chickerell

Mary H E SYMES, dau, -, 4, -, Dorset, Chickerell

Worthington A FARWELL, visitor, unm, 28, Cab Driver, Dorset, Weymouth


Thomas SAPSWORTH, head, mar, 48, General Labourer,

Martha SAPSWORTH, wife, mar, 47, wife of gen lab, Dorset, Abbotsbury

Mary A SAPSWORTH, dau, unm, 15, dau of gen lab, Dorset, Littlebredy

George SAPSWORTH, son, -, 11, chase? boy, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth SAPSWORTH, dau, -, 6, -, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 49 page 11


46, Radipole Tavern,

John FRANCIS, head, mar, 53, Brickmaker, Somerset, Maperton

Henry FRANCIS, lodger, unm, 18, labourer, Somerset, North Cheriton

Henry BROWN, lodger, unm, 20, Brick maker, Dorset, Motcombe

John PARSONS, lodger, unm, 19, labourer, Dorset, Motcombe

47, Turnpike House,

R HALLET, head, mar, 39, Gate Keeper, Dorset, Mosterton

Mathias HALLET, son, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Wimbourne

Elizabeth CURTIS, serv, unm, 16, servant, Somerset, East Coker

48, Rice Villa,

Edwin ENGLAND, head, mar, 33, Stone Mason, Somerset, West Chinock

Mary A ENGLAND, wife, mar, 33, Honiton Lace worker, Devon, Honiton

49, No.1 Antwerp Terrace,

William S FERRIS, head, mar, 45, J.P. for Weymouth, Dorset, Weymouth

Mary A FERRIS, wife, mar, 42, wife of JP, Dorset, Wyke Regis

Angelian DIMENT, serv, unm, 29, House Servant, Dorset, Beaminster

50, No.2 Antwerp Terrace,

Sarah A HASKINS, head, widow, 25, Fund Holder, Dorset, Dorchester

Susan SAMWAYS, serv, unm, 24, Cook, Dorset, Broadmayne

Harriet TREVET, serv, unm, 18, Housemaid, Dorset, Martinstown

51, No.3 Antwerp Ter,

Bartholomew BURNETT, head, unm, 69, Captain 74 Reg - retired, Wilts, Salisbury

Charles BURNETT, brother, unm, 62, Captain R.N. retired, Wilts, Salisbury

William PETERS, serv, mar, 30, Groom (Dom.St.), Wilts, Fareham

Jane PETERS, serv, mar, 33, House Servant, Dorset, Owermoigne

Julia PETERS, lodger, -, 7, scholar, (National School), Dorset, Weymouth

Jane PETERS, lodger, -, 6, scholar, (National School), Dorset, Weymouth

52, Brick Kiln Cott,

William CHICK, head, mar, 59, Foreman of Brickyard, Dorset, Wyke Regis

Jane CHICK, wife, mar, 54, wife of foreman, Dorset, Portisham

Thomas CHICK, son, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 49 page 12


53, Brick Kiln Cott,

Richard CHICK, head, mar, 27, Brickmaker, Dorset, Radipole

Rachel CHICK, wife, mar, 26, wife of brickmaker, Dorset, Weymouth

William CHICK, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Henry G CHICK, son, -, 5, -, Dorset, Radipole

James CHICK, son, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole


Thomas FRANCIS, head, mar, 22, Brickmaker, Somerset, Wincanton

Eliza FRANCIS, wife, mar, 21, wife of Brickmaker, Wilts, Dinton

Mary R CHICK, dau, -, 1, dau of brickmaker, Wilts, Dinton

2 uninhabited



St. Ann's Church - [end of tything of Radipole]


District of St. Johns, Radipole, Melcombe Regis Ward:

Fol. 50 page 13


55, Radipole House,

Henry TAYLOR, head, unm, 63, Proprietor of land, Lancs, Rochdale

John TAYLOR J.P., Brother, unm, 61, Proprietor of land, Lancs, Rochdale

Ellen TAYLOR, sr, unm, 69, Annuitant, Lancs, Rochdale

Jane TAYLOR, sr, unm, 65, Annuitant, Lancs, Rochdale

Mary LOUD, serv, unm, 57, Cook, Lanwist?, Denbigh

Elizabeth SILK, serv, unm, 21, Housemaid, Somerset, Marston?

56, Borough House,

William MILLS, head, widr, 56, Mail Guard Mail Office, Oxford, Enstone?

Jemima MILLS, dau, unm, 16, scholar, Hants, Southampton

May Ann E MILLS, dau, unm, 13, scholar, Hants, Southampton

1 uninhabited


57, Lodmoor House,

Lucy SPOONER, head, unm, 43, School Mistress, Middlesex, London

John SPOONER, father, widr, 84, Retired Merchant, Essex, Brentwood

Amelia E YEARSLY, niece, unm, 21, Assistant Governess, Dorset, Dorchester

Henrietta De'GATLEMONT?, teacher, unm, 25, French Governess, France, Paris

Hannah CLARK, pupil, unm, 19, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Henrietta BRIDGEMAN, pupil, unm, 17, scholar, Middlesex, London

Lucy L YEARSLY, pupil, unm, 15, scholar, Dorset, Dorchester

Frances N YEARSLY, pupil, unm, 14, scholar, Dorset, Dorchester

Elizabeth WARLEY, pupil, -, 15, scholar, Somerset, Bath

Alice A CASE ?, pupil, -, 13, scholar, Dorset, Maiden Newton

Eliza RUSSELL, pupil, -, 14, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Catherine A GORDON, pupil, -, 9, scholar, East Indies

Jessie S GORDON, pupil, -, 5, scholar, East Indies

Edith ELAN ?, pupil, -, 11, scholar, Middlesex, London

Elizabeth STEPHENS ?, pupil, -, 13, scholar, Gloucester, Stroud

Fol. 50 page 14, cont,

Edith MISSINETT?, pupil, unm, 14, scholar, Hereford, Ross

Susan WILLIS, serv, unm, 27, Cook, Somerset, Penslewood

Dorothy WILLIS, serv, unm, 19, House maid, Somerset, Penslewood

Catherine BOSWELL?, serv, unm, 27, House maid, Dorset, Bere

Lucy CHILCOTT, serv, unm, 19, Kitchen maid, Dorset, Woodsford

Kesia FACEY, serv, unm, 22, Dressmaker, Dorset, Dorchester

58, Lodmoor Cott,

Jacob THORNER, head, mar, 44, Labourer, Dorset, Puncknowle

Anne THORNER, wife, mar, 41, wife of labourer, Dorset, Froome Vauchurch

Clarissa M THORNER, dau, -, 13, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Emily E THORNER, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Arthur L THORNER, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Selena M THORNER, dau, -, 3, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Augusta A THORNER, dau, -, 1,-, Dorset, Radipole

Miriam/Lilian? MAYO, mo in law, widow, 64, Retired Dairywoman, Dorset, Froome Vauchurch

59, Lodmoor Cott,

John VINE, head, mar, 36, Labourer, Dorset, Littlebredy

Mary A VINE, wife, mar, 38, wife of lab., Dorset, Radipole

Sarah A VINE, dau, -, 11, dau of lab., Dorset, Radipole


Arthur VINE, head, unm, 22, labourer, Dorset, Littlebredy

William J KEATS, border, unm, 21, Gardener, Dorset, Knighton

Thomas MATHEWS, border, unm, 18, Labourer, Dorset, Martinstown

61, No.1 Lodmoor Row,

Charles WALLIS, head, mar, 32, Baker, Dorset, Upwey

Anne WALLIS, wife, mar, 33, wife of baker, Somerset, Stanton Drew

Samuel C B WALLIS, son, unm, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Francis John WALLIS, son, -, 5, -, Dorset, Radipole

Edward F WALLIS, son, -, 5, -, Dorset, Radipole

Hester BLUMAN?, relative, unm, 25, -, Somerset, Stanton Drew

Fol. 51 page 15


62, No.2 Lodmoor Row,

Shoemakers Shop

Henry CHARLES, head, mar, 42, Cord Wainer, Dorset, Osmington

Jane CHARLES, wife, mar, 52, wife of cordwainer, Dorset, Weymouth

Edwin R CHARLES, son, unm, 18, Cord Wainer, Dorset, Radipole

Emily J CHARLES, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

63, 3 Cottage,

William VINE, head, mar, 39, Farm labourer, Dorset, Littlebredy

Sarah VINE, wife, mar, 33, wife of farm lab., Dorset, Radipole

Alfred VINE, son, unm, 17, Plough boy, Dorset, Radipole

Harriett L VINE, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

John W VINE, son, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

Henry J VINE, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

64, 4 Cottage,

George STAINES, head, mar, 25, Coachman, Dorset, Bincombe

Mary Ann STAINES, wife, mar, 35, wife of coachman, Piddletown

Richard STAINES, son, -, 2, -, Dorset, Broadwey

Albert STAINES, son, -, 11m, -, Dorset, Radipole


William FRAIT?, head, mar, 57, Stone Mason, Lyme Regis

Ann FRAIT?, wife, mar, 61, wife of stonemason, Dorset, Netherbury, Blind

66, 5 Cottage, Bakers shop,

John CHARLES, head, mar, 50, Baker & sub post master, Dorset, Osmington

Ann CHARLES, wife, mar, 50, wife of baker, Devon, Broad Embry

Thomas CHARLES, father, widr, 80, late Seaman, Dorset, Osmington

Ann CHARLES, dau, unm, 22, Dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole

Jane CHARLES, dau, unm, 18, Dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole

John CHARLES, son, unm, 16, Carpenter (Ap), Dorset, Radipole

William S CHARLES, son, -, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Ellen CHARLES, dau, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth CHARLES, dau, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 51 page 16


67, 6 Lodmoor Row,

Mary CHICK, head, mar, 26, labourers wife, Dorset, Charminster

Robert G CHICK, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole


Levi STEVENS, head, mar, 37, Labourer, Dorset, Corfe Castle

Susanna STEVENS, wife, mar, 43, wife of lab., Dorset, Great Toller

Amelia A STEVENS, dau, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

William S STEVENS, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Mary J STEVENS, dau, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Emma E STEVENS, dau, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

Frederick L STEVENS, son, -, 5m, -, Dorset, Radipole


Henry CHICK, head, mar, 29, Cordwainer, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth CHICK, wife,mar, 31, wife of cordwainer, Dorset, Fordington

70, 7 Royal Oak,

William RUSSELL, head, mar, 50, Innkeeper, Dorset, Litton

Mary W RUSSELL, wife, mar, 50, wife of innkeeper, Dorset, Abbey Milton

Thomas RUSSELL, son, unm, 18, Whitesmith, Dorset, Nottington

George W RUSSELL, son, unm, 17, Carpenter, Dorset, Nottington

Mary J RUSSELL, dau, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Mary BISHOP, lodger, unm, 56, Servant (House), Dorset, Iwerne Minster

72, Cottage

George PARKER, head, mar, 37, Labourer, Dorset, Langton

Caroline PARKER, wife, mar, 37, wife of labourer, Dorset, Broadwey

Robert PARKER, son, unm, 14, Labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth PARKER, dau, -, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

George PARKER, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Ellen PARKER, dau, -, 6, -, Dorset, Radipole

John PARKER, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 52 page 17


73, Cottage part of,

Joseph WINZAR, head, mar, 22, Labourer GW Railway, Dorset, Broadwey

Ann WINZAR, wife, mar, 23, wife of labourer, Dorset, Upwey

74, No.1 Dorset Place,

William KELLMAN?, head, mar, 41, Collector of Excise & receiving of taxes.., Scotland

Janet KELLMAN?, wife, mar, 40, wife of Collector, Scotland

Christian B KELLMAN?, dau, -, 9, scholar, Carnavon? Prothlerty?

George KELLMAN?, son, -, 3, -, Scotland

Emily Ann FOX, serv, unm, 18, House Servant, Dorset, Minterne Magna

75, No.2 Dorset Place,

Edward PORTBURY, head, mar, 66, Historical Engraver, Devon, Exeter

Elizabeth PORTBURY, wife, mar, 34, wife of engraver, Middlesex, London

Elizabeth PORTBURY, dau, unm, 20, dau of engraver, Middlesex, London

Henry A PORTBURY, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Ann J DUNFORD, serv, unm, 17, House Servant, Dorset, Biddiscombe?

Roman Chapel


76, Chapel House,

William WALCH, head, unm, 28, Roman Catholic Priest St. Augustine's Radipole Weymouth, Middlesex, St. Pancras

Ann LUFTY?, serv, mar, 71, Servant, Wilts, Stourton

77, No.3 Dorset Place,

William H BEWSEY, head, widr, 47, Retired Farmer, Somerset, Stowell

John BEWSEY, son, -, 8, scholar, Somerset, Stowell

Sophia L WILLIAMS, visitor, unm, 24, Retired Supervisor Daur?, Gloucester, Bristol

Charity FRY, serv, unm, 17, House Servant, Dorset, Gold Point

78, No.4 Dorset Place,

Thomas LOVE, head, widr, 86, Gentleman, Lincoln, Pinchbeck

Louisa MAJORS?, serv, unm, 39, House Keeper, Dorset, Piddletrenthide

Elizabeth MAJORS?, serv, unm, 62, General Servant, Dorset, Cerne Abbey

79, No.5 Dorset Place,

Susanna KING, head, unm, 71, Fund holder, Dorset, Blandford

Grace D WILSON, niece, unm, 16, Visitor, Northampton, Oundle

Mary S. POWELL, niece, unm,14, scholar, Cornwall, Truro

Fol. 52 page 18


79, continued,

Arthur V J? WILSON, nephew, unm, 9, visitor, Northampton, Oundle

Mary A RENDALE, serv, widow, 67, Cook, Cornwall, Lana....?

Eliza P RENDLE, serv, unm, 16, House Maid, Cornwall, St. Blasey

80, No.6 Dorset Place,

James T WHITESIDE, head, mar, 62, Fundholder late Master M...?, Kent, Greenwich

Margaret WHITESIDE, wife, mar, 45, wife of fundholder, Scotland

Phoebe ROSE, serv, unm, 34, House Servant, Dorset, Preston

81, No.1 Wellington Terr,

Joseph AYLING, head, mar, 63, Magistrate & Alderman J.P., Hants, Alverstoke

Elizabeth AYLING, wife, mar, 64, wife of magistrate, Dorset, Sydling

Mary AYLING, border, widow, 84, Mother of magistrate, Hants, Alverstoke, Blind

Martha CROCKER, serv, unm, 21, General Servant, Dorset, Stourton Caundle

82, No.2 Wellington Terr,

Abraham TUCKER, head, widr, 43, Librarian & Bookseller, Devon, Lotners?

Ada K TUCKER, dau, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Annie COOPER, serv, unm, 37, House Servant, Berks, Windsor

83, No.3 Welllington Terr,

John TIZARD, head, mar, 35, Solicitor, Dorset, Weymouth

Emily TIZARD, wife, mar, 29, wife of solicitor, Dorset, Dorchester

Emily TIZARD, dau, unm, 5, -, Dorset, Radipole

John A F TIZARD, son, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

Alfred E TIZARD, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Eliza FUDGE, serv, unm, 39, Nurse, Dorset, Piddletown

Maria GRANT, serv, unm, 28, Cook, Dorset, Swanage

Emma FRY, serv, unm, 17, Housemaid, Hants, Southampton

George CAKE, serv, unm, 16, Footman, Dorset, Winfrith

84, No.4 Wellington Terr,

Charles PENNY, head, mar, 63, Magistrate late H.E.J.C. (senior ....?), Dorset, Weymouth

Georgiana PENNY, wife, mar, 64, wife of magistrate, Devon, Stonehouse

Emily PENNY, dau, unm, 28, dau of magistrate, Middlesex, Hayes

Fol. 53 page 19


84, continued,

Agnes PENNY, dau, unm, 27, dau of retired HEJCS, Turks Islands, Beklwa?

Ellen F TREVET, serv, unm, 26, Cook, France, (British Subject)

Jane RAWLINGS, serv, unm,21, Housemaid, Somerset, Balttury?

85, No.5 Wellington Terr,

William THOMPSON, head, mar, 66, Fundholder, Essex, Ilford

Sarah THOMPSON, wife, mar, 68, wife of fundholder, Middlesex, London

Ellen THOMPSON, dau, unm, 30, dau of fundholder, Dorset, Hamworthy

Charlotte COSENS, serv, widow,57, Cook, Dorset, Dorchester

Fanny PARKER, serv, unm, 15, House maid, Dorset, Little ?

86, No.6 Wellington Terr,

John JACOB, head, unm, 65, Secretary Savings Bank, Dorset, Dorchester

Amy LOVELACE, sister, widow, 74, Landed Proprietor, Dorset, Dorchester

Mary CURTIS, sister, widow, 70, Fund Holder, Dorset, Dorchester

Jane ABBOTT, serv, unm, 48, Servant, Dorset, Alstock

87, No.7 Wellington Terr,

Eliza FORBES, head, unm, 61, Gentlewoman, Middlesex, London

Ann LODER, serv, unm, 36, House Servant, Somerset, Huntford

Sarah LYE, serv, unm, 25, House Servant, Somerset, Crewkerne

88, No.8 Wellington Terr,

Thomas BAKER, head, widr, 44, Dentist, Devon, Collumpton

Mary A BAKER, dau, -, 10, dau, Devon, Collumpton

Fanny PASHER?, serv, unm, 25, Dorset, Bushy?

89, No.9 Wellington Terr,

R COTTERELL Esq, head, mar, 61, Magistrate, Middlesex, London

Sarah C COTTERELL, wife, mar, 52, wife of magistrate, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Walter COTTERELL, son, unm, 21, Clerk in HM Customs, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Julia COTTERELL, dau, unm, 19, -, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Alice COTTERELL, dau, unm, 17, -, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Leah J FROUD, serv, unm, 21, Servant, Wilts, Bishops Canning

Fol. 53 page 20


90, No.10 Wellington Ter,

Jane FERRIS, HEAD, widow, 72, Dividends, Dorset, Broadwey

Susan VIVIAN, serv, unm, 25, General Servant, Dorset, Langton


Eliza C COTTERELL, lodger, widow, 80, Fundholder, Berks, Ruscombe

92, No.11 Wellington Ter,

John PIDGEON, head, mar, 70, House Proprietor, Devon, Awliscombe

Elizabeth PIDGEON, wife, mar, 65, wife of house prop, Dorset, Upwey

Ann COOK, niece, unm, 25, Companion, Dorset, Poole

No.1 Talavera Villas,


93, No.2 Talavera Villas,

John BRIDLE, head, unm, 31, Gardener, Dorset, Chickerell

94, Johnstone Farm,

George F WADSWORTH, head, mar, 34, Farmer 170 acres emp 5 men & 2 boys, Dorset, Weymouth

Eliza WADSWORTH, wife, mar, 27, Farmers wife, Dorset, Sherborne

Geo? F WADSWORTH, son, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

William H WADSWORTH, son, 5m, Dorset, Radipole

Lucy HAZARD, serv, unm, 27, General Servant, Dorset, Osmington

Mary SYMMONDS, serv, unm, 13, Housemaid, Dorset, Radipole

95, Farm Cottage,

Robert STEVENS, head, mar, 44,Labourer, Dorset, Charlton

Mary STEVENS, wife, mar, 45, Washerwoman, Dorset, Radipole

Frederick STEVENS, son, unm, 16, Labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Emma S STEVENS, dau, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Jessie STEVENS, dau, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

96, Farm Cottage,

Richard KEATS, head, mar, 36, Farm Labourer, Dorset, Bincombe

Jane KEATS, wife, mar, 34, wife of labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Emily KEATS, dau, unm, 15, dau of labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Mary KEATS, dau, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

John KEATS, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Thomas KEATS, son, -, 4, -, Dorset, Radipole

Jessie KEATS, dau, -, 4m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Fol.54 page 21


97, Farm Cottage,

Matthias SYMONDS, head, mar, 21, Agricultural Labourer, Dorset, Radipole

Eliza SYMONDS, wife, mar, 20, wife of ag. Lab., Dorset, Osmington

John SYMONDS, son, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole


John SYMONDS, head, mar, 61, Farm Labourer, Dorset, Mosterton

Fanny SYMONDS, wife, mar, 58, wife of farm lab.Dorset, Mosterton

99, No.1 Gordon Place,

Joseph RAY, head, mar, 63, Retired Commander RN, Middlesex, London

Lucy RAY, wife, mar, 61, wife of retired commander, Middlesex, London

Ellen RAY, dau, unm, 18, dau of retired commander, Dorset, Weymouth

Emily RAY, dau, unm, 18, dau of retired commander, Dorset, Weymouth

Rachel RANDAL, serv, unm, 23, House Servant, Dorset, Chickerell

100, 2 Gordon Place,

Matilda C NORRIS, serv, unm, 26, Parlor Maid, Wilts, Knowlton Peockell?

Elizabeth WOODSFORD, serv, widow, 66, Cook, Somerset, Bruton

101, Greenhill House,

Sir Edward JOHNSON, head, widr, 75, Knight DL & JP, Ireland

George PETTS, serv, widr, 41, Butler, Kent, Throwley?

Mary HUTCHINGS, serv, mar, 45, Housekeeper, Somerset, Clearton?

Fanny BURT, serv, unm, 25, Cook, Dorset, Winfrith


John J TRENCHARD, head, mar, 69, ...? a barrister not in practice & magistrate not acting & deputy Lieutenant for Dorset, Dorset, Warmwell

Jane TRENCHARD, wife, mar, 62, wife of barrister, Middlesex, London

Ann TURNER, serv, unm, 57, housekeeper, Middlesex, London

Emma NORMAN, serv, unm, 27, Lady's Maid, Somerset, Cutcombe

Ann RIDOUT, serv, unm, 49, Cook, Dorset, Glanvilles Wootton

Maria DIFFEY, serv, unm, 25, Housemaid, Dorset, Knowle? Corfe Castle

Jane FOOT, serv, unm, 21, Kitchen Maid, Dorset, Hillfield

William WHITE, serv, unm, 33, Butler, Wilts, Warminster

Henry NORREY ?, serv, unm, 17, Foot Man, Norwich, Edge Hill

Fol. 54 page 22


103, No.1 Somerset Place,

Samuel S CAP, head, mar, 43, Lieut. Col & Chief Constable of Dorset, Dorset, Cheddington

Mary CAP, wife, mar, 34, wife of Chief Constable, Middlesex, London

William CAP, son, -, 6, Scholar, Bermuda

Anne CRABBE, serv, unm, 26, Housemaid, Dorset, -

Clara HARRIS, serv, unm, 28, Nurse, Dorset, Radipole

Mary CHUBB, serv, unm, 30, Cook, Dorset, Weymouth

104, No.2 Somerset Place,

George STARR ?, head, mar, 70, ? ? & Paymaster RN - retired, Hants, Alverstoke

Rebecca STARR ?, wife, mar, 68, wife of Paymaster, Hants, Alverstoke

Sarah E STARR ?, dau, unm, 37, dau of Paymaster, Hants, Alverstoke

Mary DREW, serv, unm, 25, House Servant, Dorset, Maiden Newton

105, No.3 Somerset Place,

George FRAMPTON, head, mar, 59, Lieut. P R Navy & E J Service - retired, Dorset, Dorchester

Mary Ann FRAMPTON, wife, mar, 57, wife of Lieut. P R Navy, Hants, Gosport

Louisa A FRAMPTON, dau, unm, 22, dau of Lieut, Surrey, Brigton?

Emily HURST, serv, unm, 19, House Servant, Dorset, Stinsford

106, Greenhill Cottage,

William CHANDLER, head, mar, 57, Coachman, Kent, Ash

Rhoda CHANDLER, wife, mar, 61, Laundress, Kent, Deal

St. John's Church


107, Parsonage House,

John STEPHENSON, head, mar, 35, Perpetual Curate of St. John's Radipole, Ireland

Georgiana P STEPHENSON, wife, mar, 36, wife of Curate, Bucks, Little Missenden

John S STEPHENSON, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

William A STEPHENSON, son, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Theodore E STEPHENSON, son -, 5, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Georgiana STEPHENSON, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Weymouth

Bryant C STEPHENSON, son, -, 2, -, Dorset, Weymouth

Elizabeth C STEPHENSON, dau, -, 6m, -, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 55 page 23


107, continued,

Frances UPSHALL, serv, unm, 23, Nurse, Dorset, Haslebury Brian

Maria BISHOP, serv, unm, 18, Nurse, Dorset, Fordington

Caroline SPRANKLIN, serv, unm, 27, Cook, Dorset, Netherbury

Mary A K OLIVER ? VENUS ?, serv, unm, 18, Housemaid, Dorset, Langton Herring

108, Cottage,

Elizabeth HUTCHINGS, head, mar, 34, Seaman's Wife, Dorset, Radipole

Mary A HUTCHINGS, dau, -, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Charlotte HUTCHINGS, dau, -, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth HUTCHINGS, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Radipole

Emma HUTCHINGS, dau, -, 7m, -, Dorset, Radipole


Mary Jane? LIFFE ? LISLE ?, lodger, unm, 67, Lacemaker, Notts, Nottingham

110, Cottage,

William STAPLE, head, mar, 66, Out door Groom, Devon, Colyton

Elizabeth STAPLE, wife, mar, 64, wife of groom, Devon, Axminster

John STAPLE, son, mar, 26, Sailor, Devon, Axminster

William STAPLE, son, unm, 22, Wine Merchant's Assistant, Dorset, Dorchester


William TAYLOR, head, mar, 27, Driver, Westmorland, Trint Luckbridge?

Emma C TAYLOR, wife, mar, 33, wife of driver, Somerset, Coker?

Emma Louise GRANT, step dau, unm, 11, dau of driver, Hants, Southampton

112, Park Hotel, public house,

Edward ROBINSON, head, widr, 44, Innkeeper, Lancashire, Bolton

Mary A HALLETT, serv, unm, 14, General Servant, Dorset, Upwey


Frederick WARE, head, mar, 29, Coach man, Dorset, Pentridge

Jane WARE, wife, mar, 33,wife of coachman, Dorset, Weymouth

Henry WARE, son, -, 2, -, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Elizabeth WARE, dau, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 55 page 24


114, 1 Westbourne Terr,

George BAKER, head, mar, 29, Carpenter, Dorset, Broadwey

Charlotte BAKER, wife, mar, 34, wife of carpenter, Dorset, Cerne Abbas

Emma BAKER, dau, -, 2, -, Dorset, Radipole

Sarah J BAKER, dau, -, 1, -, Dorset, Radipole


Phebe B MITCHELL, lodger, widow, 68, Independent, Dorset, Netherbury

Elizabeth ATKINS, serv, unm, 43, General Servant, Dorset, Burton Bradstock

No.2 Westbourne Terr,

1 uninhabited

116, 3 Westbourne Terr,

Eliza PREEDY, head, widow, 57, Lodginghouse Keeper, Hants, Southampton

Thomas PREEDY, son, unm, 30, coach? Out of employ?, Somerset, Yeovil

Rose HAWKINS, niece, unm, 20, niece, Somerset, Bristol

Amelia PREEDY, Gd Dau, -, 8, scholar, Somerset, Yeovil

No. 1 & 2 Prospect Place,

2 uninhabited

117, 3 Prospect Place,

Hester JOHNSTONE, head, widow, 59, Lodginghouse keeper, Notts, Nottingham

Mary JOHNSTONE, dau, unm, 28, dau of Lodginghouse keeper, Lancs, Liverpool

Ellen JOHNSTONE, dau, unm, 24, Governess, Warwick, Coventry

118, 4 Prospect Place,

Stephen W JERVEY?, head, widr, 38, Proprietor of houses, Dorset, Weymouth

Elizabeth H WEBBER, serv, unm, 34, House Keeper, Dorset, Ashton

119, 5 Prospect Place,

William G JOHNSTONE, head, mar, 24, Lieut. R.N. L.S, East Indies

Annie JOHNSTONE, wife, mar, 28, wife of Lieut RN, Lancashire, Preston

Fanny D BYRON, niece, -, 10, scholar, Ireland

Charles E BYRON, nephew, -, 9, scholar, Kent, Gravesend

Louisa M BYRON, niece, -, 7, scholar, Kent, Rochester

120, 6 Prospect Place,

John WHITE, head, mar, 70, Turnpike Toll Keeper, Somerset, Nunney

Hannah WHITE, wife, mar, 50, wife of toll keeper, Dorset, Alweston

Rose T/ LANTHING?, niece, unm, 22, niece of toll keeper, Somerset, Tintinhull

Thomas WHITE, nephew, unm, 15, nephew of toll keeper, Somerset, Wincanton

Fol. 56 page 25


1-2-3-4-5 Belgrave Terrace,

5 buildings

121, 6 Belgrave Terrace,

Thomas ABBOTT, head, mar, 45, Linen Draper, Devon, Tavistock

Annah ...? ABBOTT, wife, mar, 43, wife of linen draper, Middlesex, London

Ann KEATS, serv, mar, 36, House Servant, North Devon,

122, 7 Belgrave Terrace,

Robert G SWEETING, head, mar, 38, Artist Historical Painter, Somerset, Wells

Mary SWEETING, wife, mar, 40, wife a fundholder, Norwich, Challs.... Hale?

Mary Eli? SWEETING, dau, -, 4, -, Middlesex, London

Robert C S SWEETING, son, -, 2, -, Norwich, Southam

Lydia G SWEETING, dau, -, 9m, -, Dorset, Bridport

Annah SWEETING, mother, mar, 80, Fundholder, Devon,

Emma A HANSFORD, serv, unm, 23, Housemaid, Dorset, Salway Ashy

Jane DAVIS, serv, unm, 18, Housemaid, Devon, Holler Come

8 & 9 Belgrave Terrace,

2 uninhabited

123, 10 Belgrave Terrace,

William WILLES, head, mar, 48, Landed Proprietor, Somerset, Bath

Christiana WILLES, wife, mar, 42, wife of landed proprietor, Isle of Man,

Mary STEAD, step dau, unm, 20, step dau of landed proprietor, Guernsey

Charlotte WILLES, dau, unm, 15, scholar, Isle of Man

Jane WILLES, dau, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

William WILLES, son, -, 5, -, Dorset, Weymouth

William SINGLETON, groom, unm, 18, Dorset, Sherborne

Elizabeth MITCHEL or ULITEBEL?, serv, unm, 27, cook, Dorset, Portland

Mary EVES, serv, unm, 24, Housemaid, Somerset, Yeovil

124, 1 Radipole Terrace,

Joseph COOPER, head, mar, 52, Proprietor of Houses, Dorset, Puddletown

Octavia COOPER, wife, mar, 46, wife of proprietor, Dorset, Tincleton

Charlotte LOCK, serv, 23, House Servant, Dorset, Bere Regis

Fol.56 Page 26


No.2 Radipole Terrace,

1 uninhabited

125, 3 Radipole Terrace,

G A PORT, head, mar, 61, Rector of Grafton Flifford horent?, Derby, Wirlesworth

F E A PORT, wife, mar, 37, wife of Rector, Lancs, Liverpool

F COLE, serv, unm, 21, House maid, Dorset, Stalbridge

L A DANIELS, serv, unm, 18, House maid, Essex, Southend

126, 4 Radipole Terrace,

William LARKWORTHY, head, mar, 48, Retired Chemist, Dorset, Weymouth

Emily LARKWORTHY, wife, mar, 40, wife of retired chemist, Cornwall, Marazion

Ann OLIVER, serv, unm, 53, House Servant, Dorset, Broadmayne

127, 5 Radipole Terrace,

Mary BICKELL, head, widow, 59, widow of Naval Officer, Dorset, Chalbury

Ellen P F BICKELL, dau, unm, 30, dau of Naval Officer, Kent, Broadstairs

128, 1 Union Place,

Elizabeth CHAMP, serv, unm, 21, General Servant, Dorset, Osmington

129, 2 Union Place,

Joseph BAKER, head, mar, 67, Builder, Somerset, Babidge

Sarah BAKER, wife, mar, 63, wife of builder, Dorset, Broadwey

Septimus BAKER, son, unm, 19, son of builder, Dorset, Radipole

Elizabeth BAKER, dau, unm, 39, dau of builder, Dorset, Weymouth

Mary Jane BAILY, gd.dau, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

John TIDBY, border, widr, 80, Fundholder, Dorset, Longbredy


Elizabeth HEWITT, lodger, unm, 58, Fundholder, Hants, Newnham

Jane HEWITT, lodger, unm, 54, Fundholder, Hants, Newnham

131, 3 Union Place,

George SLADE, head, mar, 62, Surveyor? & Bank Shareholder, Dorset, Dorchester

Mary SLADE, wife, mar, 63, wife of bank shareholder, Dorset, Lyme Regis

Elizabeth SLADE, dau, unm, 37, dau of bank shareholder, Dorset, Dorchester

Mary MARSHALSEY, serv, unm, 20, General Servant, Dorset, Weymouth

132, 4 Union Place,

James BOWEN, head, mar, 42, Master Mariner, Devon, Appledore

Ann S BOWEN, wife, mar, 34, wife of master mariner, Devon, Chalover

Fol. 57 page 27


132, continued,

Camilia L BOWEN, dau, -, 11, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Julia S BOWEN, dau, -, 3, -, Dorset, Weymouth

James H BOWEN, son, -, 1m, -, Dorset, Weymouth

Thirza HURST, serv, unm, 28, House Servant, Dorset, Weymouth

133, 5 Union Place,

Edwin E BROOKING, head, mar, 43, Builder emps 27 men 2 boys, Devon, Plymouth

Mary A BROOKING, wife, mar, 46, wife of builder, Devon, Plymouth

Sarah A BROOKING, dau, unm, 22, dau of builder, Surrey, Southwark

Emma M BROOKING, dau, unm, 20, dau of builder, Surrey, Southwark

Edwin W BROOKING, son, unm, 18, son of builder, Surrey, Bermondsey

Mary A BROOKING, dau, unm, 16, dau of builder, Surrey, Bermondsey

Eliza E BROOKING, dau, -, 9, scholar, Surrey, Bermondsey

Edith M BROOKING, dau, -, 5, -, Surrey, Bermondsey

George Fred BROOKING, son, -, 3, -, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

134, 6 Union Place,

Jane SEYMOUR, head, unm, 47, Fundholder, Dorset, Tincleton

135, Cottage,

Rebecca HINE, head, mar, 60, Farmers wife, Dorset, Wyke

136, Cottage,

Thomas SYMONDS, head, mar, 35, Coachman, Dorset, Radipole

Edith SYMONDS, wife, mar, 35, Laundress, Dorset, Puncknowle

Frances SYMONDS, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Walter T SYMONDS, son, -, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Albert H SYMONDS, son, -, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

Rosa C SYMONDS, dau, -, 5, -, Dorset, Radipole

William F SYMONDS, son, -, 10m, -, Dorset, Radipole

Grace THORNER, mo in law, widow, 82, widow, Dorset, Puncknowle

137, Cottage,

Robert THORNER, head, widr, 60, Labourer in garden, Dorset, Puncknowle

Emma THORNER, dau, unm, 23, Schoolmistress, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 57 page 28


137, continued,

Frank THORNER, son, -, 13, Plough Boy, Dorset, Radipole

Sophia THORNER, dau, -, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

138, Cottage,

Jno HONEYBOURNE, head, mar, 69, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Loders

Elizabeth HONEYBOURNE, wife, mar, 71, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole

Martha HONEYBOURNE, dau, unm, 44, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole

139, 1 York Villa,

Elizabeth GRICE, head, unm, 50, Fund holder, Essex, Penge

Henry C HAWKINS, nephew, -, 8, scholar, South Africa

Emma E HAWKINS, niece, -, 6, scholar, South Africa

Arthur C HAWKINS, nephew, -, 3, -, South Africa

Viliers? C HAWKINS, nephew, -, 2, -, South Africa

Georgiana L HAWKINS, niece, -, 7m, -, Dorset, Weymouth

Elizabeth A WINTER, serv, unm, 27, Cook, Dorset, Weymouth

Elizabeth NUGENT, serv, unm, 16, House maid, Devon, Devonport

Louisa GILLINGHAM, serv, unm, 15, Nurse, Dorset, Curil?

140, 2 York Villa,

Sarah HITCHCOCK, head, widow, 45, Lodginghouse Keeper, Norwich, Middleton


Charlotte PRICE, lodger, unm, 46, Fund holder, Northampton, Wellingborough

142, Park Villa,

Joseph BEALE, head, mar, 73, Proprietor of Houses, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Mary BEALE, wife, mar, 76, wife of proprietor, Dorset, Portland

Hannah BEALE, dau, unm, 52, dau of proprietor, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Ann E BEALE [crossed through], dau, mar, 49, Draper's wife, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


John LAKEY, father, widr, 65, Gardener, Dorset, Powerstock

Robert LAKEY, head, mar, 25, Dorset, Radipole

Jane LAKEY, wife, mar, 24, Dorset, Upwey

Mary LAKEY, dau, -, 5, Dorset, Upwey

John LAKEY, son, -, 5, Dorset, Upwey

James LAKEY, son, -, 10m, Dorset, Upwey

Fol. 58 page 29


144, Barrack Field,

John BISHOP, head, mar, 46, Gardener, Dorset, Wyke

Jane BISHOP, wife, mar, 44, wife of gardener, Dorset, Wyke


Thomas ?PUSLEY, lodger, unm, 19, Brick maker, Dorset, Verwood

Arthur STURMY, lodger, unm, 23, Brick maker, Dorset, Ibberton

146, 20 Brunswick Building,

Belammisa? HAWKINS, head, widow, 55, Fund Holder, Devon, Plymouth

John G HAWKINS, son, unm, 32, Captain South Devon Militia, Gloucester, Cheltenham

Belammisa HAWKINS, dau, unm, 32, dau of head, Gloucester, Cheltenham

Mary R , serv, unm, 26, House Servant, Monmouth, Shire Newton

John WILLIS, serv, mar, 44, House Servant, Dorset, Stratton

Mary A WILLIS, serv, mar, 33, House Servant, Dorset, Weymouth

End of Ecclesiastical District


Fol. 58 page 30

List of Persons not in Houses


Mary MURPHY, head, mar, 23, Itinerant, Ireland,

Dennis MURPHY, son, -, 7, Itinerant, Dorset, Long Ham

Richard MURPHY, son, -, 3, -, Kent, Tunbridge Wells

John MURPHY, son, -, 5m, -, Dorset, Bere Regis

Julia HAYES, mother, widow, 59, Itinerant, Ireland


Ellen LYNCH, head, mar, 33, Itinerant, Ireland

James LYNCH, son, -, 10, Itinerant, Devon, Torquay

Timothy LYNCH, son, -, 7, Itinerant, Dorset, Preston

David LYNCH, son, -, 3, -, Dorset, Bere

Martha LYNCH, dau, -, 5m, -, Hants, Crawley


Charles CAMBLEDON ?, lodger, unm, 25, Itinerant, France (British Subject)


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