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Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth

1871 Census - RADIPOLE

transcribed by Debby Rose

RG10/1999 Folios 48-73

Superintendent Registrar's District: Weymouth       Enumeration District: 3

Registrar's Sub-District: Upwey       Name of Enumerator: John Ince Esq.

That part of Radipole parish including Radipole Village, Radipole Farm, Nottington House and cottages adjacent thereto, part of Ropers Farm (but not the farmhouse or buildings), Brownsey's House, Corfe Hill House and Farm (but not the Lodge which was stated to have been enumerated in Broadwey parish), Redlands Dairy House, Job Gill's Farm, Rocky Knapp, Spa Road and all the houses in the Turnpike Road from Corfe Hill Lodge to the boundary of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis and the cottages at Mr Groves Higher Barn. That part of Radipole parish included in the boundary of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis with all houses and cottages standing therein.

Fol. 50 page 1 Ecclesiastical District of St. Johns. Municipal Ward of Melcombe Regis

1, Greenhill

Robert EDWARDS, head, mar, 52, gardener, Hants, Hambleton


Mary Ann EDWARDS, wife, mar, 46, gardener's wife, Hants, Hambleton

2, Greenhill

Frederick BROWN, head, mar, 34, coachman, Dorset, Broadmayne


Ann BROWN, wife, mar, 27, Wilts, Compton Chamberlaine


Amy Edith BROWN, dau, unm, 2, Dorset, Radipole

3, Greenhill

Henry Pickard CAMBRIDGE, head, mar, 57, late Lieutenant 8th Madras? Infantry


Theodore G CAMBRIDGE, wife, mar, 36, Somerset, Nunney


George J H P CAMBRIDGE, son, unm, 6, Dorset, Radipole


Susan SIMES? or LUCAS?, serv, wid, 60, cook, Dorset, Owermoigne


Rose MITCHELL, serv, unm, 21, parlour maid, Dorset, Tarrant Rushton


Margrett C HOUSE, serv, unm, 22, Ladys maid, Surrey, Vauxhall

4 Greenhill

Elizabeth D ENGLAND, head, wid, 70, Lady, Dorset, Dorchester


William COOMBS, serv, unm, 24, footman, Somerset, Wincanton


Mary HOUSE, serv, unm, 35, cook, Devon, Coompyne


Charlotte M UPSHALL, serv, unm, 26, house maid, Dorset, Haselbury Bryan

5 Greenhill

Joshua H COOPER, head, mar, 32, Col. 7th Royal Fuseliers, Ireland


Helen M COOPER, wife, mar, 39, ?, Hull


Constance H COOPER, dau, unm, 9, Walsall?


Myles H COOPER, son, unm, 8, Spain, Gibraltar


Fanny L FORSE?, vis, unm, 34, England, Kingsbury


Alisia J GOGUSHEY?, cousin, unm, 39, South America


Charlotte J LAMBERT, cousin, unm, 20, England, Hull


Eliza WILLY, governess, unm, 47, governess, Hants, Portsmouth


Martha METCALF, serv, unm, 36, Lady's Maid, Sunderland


Mary Ann GLADIEL?, serv, unm, ?31, cook, Rochester

Fol. 50 page 2

Eliza LEGG, serv, unm, 18, kitchen maid, Dorset, Portland


Mary Ann THOMAS, serv, unm, 25, house maid, Winfrith Newburgh

6 Greenhill

Mary B PALMER, head, wid, 62, annuitant, Surrey, Musfield


E L SLYSH, vis, unm, 59, annuitant, Middlesex, London


Ann CANTERBURY, serv, unm, 51, general serv., Dorset, Stoke Abbott

7 Greenhill

George FRAMPTON, head, mar, 69, late H.G. L.Col, Naval Serv. Retired, Dorset,



Mary Ann FRAMPTON, wife, mar, 60, officers wife, Hants, Gosport


Louisa Ann FRAMPTON, dau, unm, 32, Surrey, Brixton


Louisa DUNFORD, serv, unm, 30, general serv., Dorset, Great Toller

8 Greenhill

W J SMITH, head, unm, 30, Physician, Ireland


Agnes MACLEAN, wid, wid, 68, Gentlewoman, Scotland


Elizabeth RANDELL, serv, wid, 20, parlour maid, Dorset


Charlotte SAMWAYS, serv, unm, 22, house maid, Dorset


Esther TREVIS, serv, unm, 30, cook, Dorset

9 Greenhill

John T TRENCHARD, head, widr, 79, Doctor of Law (Barrister) not in

practice. Dept. Lieut. Dorset, Dorset, Warmwell


Margaret TENNANT?, sis in law, unm, 63, Middlesex, London


William WHITE, serv, mar, 41, butler, Wilts, Langdodge Burnull?


Eliza SCRIVEN?, serv, unm, 42, cook, Dorset, Horton


Charlotte LOCKE, serv, unm, 33, housemaid, Hants, Southampton


Eliza POOR?, serv, unm, 17, kitchen maid, Dorset, Hinton Martell


Thomas RIDOUT, serv, unm, 16, footman, Dorset, Gunville

10 Greenhill

Elizabeth GIBBONS, head, unm?, 52, independent, Somerset, Buclat?


Fanny BILLETT, serv, unm, 53, general serv., Dorset, Blandford

11 Greenhill

Frederick TUCKER, head, mar, 47, Vicar of Fleet, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

Fol. 51 page 3

Jane TUCKER, wife, mar, 49, Vicar's wife, Dorset, Broadwey


Louisa BARNES, serv, unm, 26, Cook & housekeeper, Dorset, Abbey Milton


Mary Jane MORRIS, serv, unm, 16, parlour & housemaid, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

2 uninhabited


12 Preston Road

Martha MILLER, head, wid, 49, Cheshire, Chester


Frances MILLER, dau, unm, 21, Scotland, Glasgow


Florence MILLER, dau, unm, 20, Scotland, Glasgow


Samuel MILLER, son, unm, 13, Gloucester


Charles MILLER, son, unm, 10, S. Africa, B. Kaffusa?


Jeamus DIFFEY, serv, [blank], 18 Housemaid, Dorset, Lulworth

13 Preston Road

William WILLIAMS, head, mar, 47, coachman, Devon, Plymouth


Elizabeth WILLIAMS, wife, mar, 25, dressmaker, Dorset, Rampisham

14, 22 Brunswick


.......... TAYLOR, unm, 41, lodging house keeper, Somerset, Batcombe


Matilda TAYLOR, unm, 36, do. Somerset, Batcombe


Jane RHYMES, unm, 24, House maid, Somerset, Street


Elizabeth SHEPPARD, serv, unm, 19, kitchen maid, Somerset, Binager

15, 21 do.

Jane FOOKS, head, unm, 48, Lodging House, Dorset


Elizabeth FOOKS, sister, unm, 46, visitor, Dorset


Mary DODLEMEADE?, serv, unm, 16/14? General servant, Somerset

16, do.

Mrs MALLOCK, head, mar, 33, officers wife, E. India, Calcutta


Mrs. RUSSEL, niece, mar, 30, soldiers wife, Ireland, Co.Kildare


Harry MALLOCK, son, unm,7, officers son, E. India, Calcutta


Eleanor MALLOCK, dau, unm, 3, officers dau, E. India, Calcutta

17, 20 do.

Jane HOUNSELL, head, mar, 52, housekeeper, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

- , 19 do.

1 uninhabited

Fol. 51 page 4


18 Waterloo Stores

Annie HUNTER, head, unm, 46, shop keeper, Dorset


Eliza HUNTER, niece, unm, 19, Dorset


George HOUNSELL, lodger, unm, 23, carpenter, Dorset, Weymouth


George FOOT, boarder, mar, 60, miller & farmer, Dorset, Corfe Castle


Elizabeth FOOT, boarder, mar, 47, Dorset, Maiden Newton


Sarah DAMEN, nurse, mar, 60, nurse, Dorset, Studland


Robert BRETT, head, mar, 28, builder, Dorset, Sutton


Anne BRETT, wife, mar, 28, Bradford?, Telsworth


Charles BRETT, son, 1 3/4, London

21 1 St Johns Terr

George THORNE, head, mar, 25, Professor of Music, Dorset, Weymouth


Martha THORNE, wife, mar, 29, Dorset, Weymouth


Madeline THORNE, dau, 10 mo., Dorset, Radipole


Caroline HART, serv, unm, 16, general serv., Dorset, Piddletown

22 2 do.

Henry S TRIM, head, mar, 43, confectioner &c, Dorset, Witcham


Maria S TRIM, wife, mar, 46, Dorset, Weymouth


Ellen B TRIM, dau, unm, 12, Dorset, Portland


Clara A TRIM, dau, unm, 10, Dorset, Portland


Mary S TRIM, dau, , 8, Dorset, Portland


Henry C TRIM, son, , 6, Dorset, Weymouth


Elizabeth LAKER, serv, 16, general serv., Dorset, Monkton

23 St Johns

John STEPHENSON, head, widr, 45, Incumbent of St. Johns, Ireland


John J STEPHENSON, son, unm, 17, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Elizabeth C STEPHENSON, dau, 10, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Annie E STEPHENSON, dau, 9, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Agnes M MERCER, governess, 27/47?, governess, W. Indies, Ferndale?

Fol. 52 page 5

Elizabeth VOSS, cook, unm, 41, cook, Dorset, Broadmayne


Mary Ann PAULLY, serv, unm, 25, housemaid, Dorset, Holnest


Ellen PARKER, serv, unm, 14, kitchen maid, Dorset, Chaldon

24 Park Cottages

Elizabeth HUTCHINGS, head, wid, 44, laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Elizabeth HUTCHINGS, dau, unm, 13, Dorset, Radipole


Emma HUTCHINGS, dau, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Annie HUTCHINGS, dau, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


William KNOTT, nephew, unm, 13, laborer, Dorset, Weymouth


Silas KNOTT, lodger, unm, 29, tailor, Dorset, Weymouth

25 1 uninhabited


26 Park Hotel

Philip HAWKINS, head, mar, 31, G.W.R. Railway Guard, Hants, Brook


Mary Anne HAWKINS, wife, mar, 32, wife, Wilts, Salisbury


Flora HAWKINS, dau, unm, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Alice HAWKINS, dau, unm, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Emily HAWKINS, dau, unm, 1, Dorset, Weymouth

27 Farm House

George F WADSWORTH, head, mar, 44, Farmer 150 acres, 4 laborers & 2 boys,

Dorset, Weymouth


Eliza WADSWORTH, wife, mar, 37, Dorset, Sherborne


Geo. F. WADSWORTH, son, , 11, Dorset, Radipole


William H WADSWORTH, son, , 10, Dorset, Radipole


Eliza E WADSWORTH, dau, 8, Dorset, Radipole


Emily C WADSWORTH, dau, 7, Dorset, Radipole


Ethel E L WADSWORTH, dau, 6 mo, Dorset, Radipole


Louisa ALLEN, visitor, 38, Dorset, Sherborne


Jemima E SMITH, serv, 22, domestic servant, Somerset, Poington


Emily A LUCAS, serv, 15, domestic servant, Dorset, ?Osmington

Fol. 52 page 6


28 Farm Cottage

Robert STEVENS, head, mar, 54, ag. Lab., Dorset, Chickerell


Mary STEVENS, wife, mar, 55, laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Jessie S STEVENS, dau, unm, 19, Dorset, Radipole

29 Farm Cottage

Richard KEATS, head, mar, 47, agric. Lab., Dorset, Bincombe


Jane KEATS, wife, mar, 44, Dorset, Radipole


Thomas KEATS, son, unm, 13, agric lab., Dorset, Radipole


Jessie KEATS, dau, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Fanny KEATS, son, unm, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


William KEATS, dau, unm, 1, Dorset, Radipole


John SYMONDS, lodger, widr, 75, agr. Lab., Dorset, Radipole

30 Collegiate School

John ELLIS, head, mar, 49, (Clergyman) & Schoolmaster, London, Hanover Sq,

St. Georges


Louisa J ELLIS, wife, 47, Surrey, St. Geo. Camberwell


Catherine S ELLIS, dau, 14, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


Frederick J ELLIS, son, 12, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


Florence M E ELLIS, dau, 10, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


William W ELLIS, son, 9, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


Frances A ELLIS, dau, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Annie E ELLIS, dau, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Francis N ELLIS, son, 3, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Margret E ELLIS, dau, 2, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Georgina J PRESGRAVE, governess, unm, 30, governess, Kent, Maidstone


Hannah HORNER, serv, unm, 60?, cook, Wilts, Idmiston


Anne M BU.. [ink splodge], serv, unm, 26, housemaid, Dorset, Winfrith


Ann C BYET.. [ink splodge], serv, unm, 22, housemaid, Dorset, Portland


Mary T Masters, serv, unm, 20, housemaid, Dorset, Alton Pancras

Fol. 53 page 7

Mary E ROUSDEN, serv, unm, 25, wardrobe keeper, Hants, Cor


Charlotte SANGER, serv, unm, 24, nurse, Wilts, C. Chamberlaine


Ellen WYATT, serv, unm, 16, nurse, Wilts, C. Chamberlaine


Sarah TUTT, serv, unm, 19, kitchen maid, Wilts, Wickford


John ELLIOT, asst. master, 26, asst. master, Cumberland, Greystoke


Joseph STUBBS, 30, master, Cumberland, Kirk Orwell


Earment? A RARISBUSE?, 17, scholar, Wilts, Woodford


Jos. H PERRY, 12, scholar, Wilts, Devizes Allington


Henry H PERRY, 11, scholar, Wilts, Devizes Allington


Edward LYNE, 16, scholar, Bucks?, North Hildon


Robert LYNE, 14, scholar, Wilts, Compton


Jos. W D DELLANEY, 16, scholar, Somerset, Bath


Thos. H W JENNER, 15, scholar, Wilts, Netheravon


Jas. H MACKEY?, 15, scholar, Wilts, Diniton


Chas. J MARSH, 14, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


William BURT, 15, scholar, Dorset, Witchampton


Edwd. S SUMMER, 14, Yorkshire, York


Charles H KENT, 13, Wilts, Salisbury


Herbert K FULLER, 14, scholar, Somerset, Bath


G W SYMES, 14, scholar, Dorset, Charminster


Arthur W GIBBS, 17, scholar, Somerset, Bath


John BUSH, 14, scholar, Trowbridge, Wilts


Edwd. J BENNETT, 15, scholar, Wilts, Chilmark


Chas. E GOLDIE, 13, scholar, Charlton? Madras Prendlenay?


Eustace A S HOUNSELL, 14, scholar, Dorset, Bridport

Fol. 53 page 8

Henry J QUARRELL, 14, scholar, Somerset, Weston S Mare


John B BAKER, 14, scholar, Wilts, Malmesbury


Thos. P GALPIN? [ink splodge], 15, scholar, Wilts, Compton Chamberlaine


Walter G ....ICER? [ink splodge], 12, scholar, Wilts, Trowbridge


William T SHITTLER, 15, scholar, Dorset, Abbotsbury


Frank SWATTAN, 14, scholar, Wilts, Melksham


Hughett? P WESTBURY, 13, scholar, ? Burbidge


Henry SHEARLY?, 18, scholar, Somerset, Wells


Horace SHEARLY?, 16, scholar, Somerset, Wells


George F ARMITAGE, 13, scholar, Middlesex, Holloway


Phillip J BAYLEY, 13, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


George P KING, 10, scholar, Wilts, West Everley


Edwin H BARLT?, 14, scholar, Wilts, Salisbury


Arthur P F COOPER, 15, scholar, Somerset, Bath


James H SOLOMAN, 11, scholar, Somerset, Bath


William LOVINGDON, 13, scholar, Wilts, Poulslot


Albert E PARSONS, 13, scholar, Wilts, Hilmarton


Francis F ELD, 18, scholar, Warwick, Leamington or Halbury, Sussex?


Fredk. J NEWHAM, 10, twins, scholar, Somerset, Bath


Henry S NEWHAM, 10, twins, scholar, Somerset, Bath


Groves J H WALKER, 11, scholar, Leicester


Charles E JENNINGS, 12, scholar, Wilts, Malmsbury


Frederick EDWARDS, 13, scholar, Wilts, Tilshead


Richd. H GROVES, 11, scholar, Dorset, Blandford


Francis N OAKE, 14, scholar, Hants, Southampton

Fol. 54 page 9

Howard F LEIGH, 10, scholar, Jersey


John D J LEIGH, 9, scholar, Glocester, Nymsfield


Edmond J PENNEY, 9, Dorset, Abbotsbury


Cyril BRIDGER, 11, scholar, Sussex, Chichester


Francis H BAKER, 12, scholar, Wilts, Malmesbury


George W YOUNG, 10, scholar, Wilts, Malborough


Charles Edwd. ELD, 11, scholar, Warwick, Leamington

31 2 Talavera Villas

Alice ATHERTON, head, wid, 61, retired, Dorset, Portland


Richd. W WINTER, nephew, unm, 31, Plumber & Glazier, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary ELLIS, son, unm, serv, Dorset, Portland

32 2 Talavera Villas

William TALBOT, head, mar, 54, retired draper, Guernsey


Sarah TALBOT, wife, mar, 57, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah WALLER, cook, unm, 49, serv cook, Dorset, Abbotsbury

33 11 Wellington Ter

John PIDGEON, head, mar, 80, retired greengrocer, Devon,Wivelescombe


Elizabeth PIDGEON, wife, mar, 75, Dorset, Upway

34 10 Wellington Ter

Jane FERRIS, head, wid, Gentlewoman, Dorset, Broadwey


Charlotte PRICE, lodger, unm, 53, Northampton


Mary WOODWARD, wid, 63, serv, Dorset, Weymouth

35 9 Wellington Ter

William A SPARLING, head, mar, 36, tailor, emp. 9 men, 5 women, 2 boys,

Essex, Colchester


Ellen H SPARLING, wife, mar, 33, Essex, Colchester


Frank WHITE, apprentice, unm, 16, apprentice to tailor, Suffolk, Stratford St Mary


Sarah CROCKER, serv, wid, 57, serv, Dorset, Evershot

36 8 Wellington Ter

Thomas BAKER, head, widr, 64, dentist, Devon, Collumpton


Mary Ann BAKER, dau, unm, 20, Devon


William FORDER, serv, unm, 19, serv, Dorset, Stickland


Mary Ann BERRY, serv, unm, 30, serv, Somerset, Taunton

Fol.54 page 10


37,7 Wellington Ter

William T AYLESBURY, head, mar, 53, tailor employing 6 men, Kent, Ramsgate


Frances AYLESBURY, wife, mar, 62, Dorset, Weymouth


William T AYLESBURY, son, unm, 25, asst. chemist, Dorset, Weymouth


Ada F AYLESBURY, dau, unm, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary CROSS, serv, unm, 19, serv, Dorset, Tolpuddle

38, 6 Wellington Ter

John JACOB, head, unm, 75, Retired Bank Manager, Dorset, Dorchester


Amy LOVELESS, sister, wid, 83, Land Owner, Dorset, Dorchester


Mary CURTIS, sister, wid, 80, Annuitant, Dorset, Dorchester


Eleanor BICKNELL, neice, wid, 50, Annuitant, Dorset, Dorchester


Emily ?JARTON, serv, unm, 18, serv, Dorset

39 5 Wellington Ter

William MANLEY, head, mar, 70, Retired Innkeeper, Devon, Exeter


Mary MANLEY, wife, mar, 67, Devon, Exeter


Annie M PEARCE, serv, unm, 17, serv, Dorset, Pilsdon

40 4 Wellington Ter

Charles PENNY, head, mar, 73, (Landowner) & JP, Dorset, Weymouth


Georgina PENNY, wife, mar, 74, Devon, Stonehouse


Emily PENNY, dau, unm, 39, Middlesex, Hayes


Agnes PENNY, dau, unm, 33, Bahamas Turks Island


Jane YOUNG, serv, unm, 24, cook, Dorset, Wimborne


Jane WHITTLE, serv, unm,21, Parlour maid, Dorset, Wimborne

41 3 Wellington Ter

James Hy. BURKE, head, mar, 55, Retired Major General Royal Engineers, Ireland


Marion E BURKE, wife, mar, 39, India


Marion A BURKE, dau, unm, 8, Devon, Torquay


Catherine C BURKE, dau, Dorset, 4, Weymouth


Elizabeth M BURKE, dau, Dorset, 2, Weymouth


Maria CHAMP, serv, unm, cook, 21, Dorset, Lulworth

Fol. 55 page 11

Elizabeth CHAMP, serv, unm, 19, nursemaid, Dorset, Lulworth


Lucy OLD, serv, unm, 18, housemaid, Dorset, Lulworth

42 2 Wellington Ter

Benjn. H BROWNE, head, mar, 54, Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks, Gloster, Stroud


Julia BROWNE, wife, mar, 48, Gloster, Painswick


Benjn. H BROWNE, son, unm, 13, Hampshire, Cooksley


Harold T BROWNE, son, unm, 7, Bucks, Aston Sandford


Anne JOHNSON, serv, unm, 38, servant, Staffordshire, Bliton


Phoebe TOMS, serv, unm, 22, serv, Dorset, Abbotsbury

43 1 Wellington Ter

Joseph AYLING, head, widr, 73, Retired grocer, JP & Alderman, Hants, Alverstoke


Joanna CROSS, visitor, mar, 38, Dorset, Lydlinch


Emily CLARKE, serv, unm, 36, serv, Dorset, Dorchester

44 1 Dorset Place

George CHAPPLE, head, mar, 58, Collector of Inland Revenue, Somerset,Wincanton


Ellen CHAPPLE, wife, mar, 52, Somerset, Bristol


Jane CRAIG, serv, unm, 33, serv, Ireland, Sligo

45 2 Dorset Place

Thomas AVANT, head, widr, 34, Professor of Music, Devon, Dawlish


Sydney AVANT, son, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Bridport


Amy L AVANT, dau, 7, Dorset,Weymouth


Leon AVANT, son, 6, Dorset,Weymouth


Mabel S AVANT, dau, 4, Dorset,Weymouth


Georgina SWAYLAND, serv, unm, Dorset, Bridport

46 Chaple House

John A CHARLES, head, unm, 36, Roman Catholic Priest of St.Augustines Chaple Weymouth, Cornwall, St. Mary .....?


Ann CARY, serv, 59, housekeeper, Ireland, Cork


Emily RICHARDSON, schoolmistress, unm, 33, schoolmistress, London, Pimlico


Harriet E A CONNALL, head, 29, governess, Middlesex, London


Elizabeth CONNALL, sister, unm, 36, governess, Middlesex, London


Ann STAINER, serv, unm, 43, servant general, Dorset, Upway

Fol. 55 page 12


48 4 Dorset Place

Bonarery? LE COCQ, head, widr, 69, Clerk in Holy Orders without care of souls, Guernsey, St. Peters


John P LE COCQ, son, unm, 44, annuitant?, Jersey, St. Clements


Lydia J LE COCQ, dau, unm, 42, Jersey, St. Clements


Elizabeth FREEMAN, serv, unm, 40, serv, Dorset, Newton?

49 5 Dorset Place

Caroline JENOUR, wife, mar, 75, annuitant, Nottingham, Gelday?


Caroline H JENOUR, dau, unm, 44, Nottingham, Gelday?


William K JENOUR, widr, son, 49, Notts


Harriet HARDY, serv, 47, servant, Dorset, Broadwindsor


Elizabeth HARDY, dau, 11, Dorset, Portland


Benjn. HARDY, son, 7, Dorset, Portland

51 6 Dorset Place

Thomas ABBOTT, head, mar, 55, draper, Devon, Tavistock


Jane ABBOTT, head, mar, 53, Middlesex, London


Elizabeth PHYSICK, unm, sister?, 44, Devon, Tavistock


Jane STONE, serv, 25, genl. Servt., Dorset, Portland

52 1 Belgrave Villa

Henry H JAMES, head, mar, 36, dividends, Sussex, Brighton


F L JAMES, wife, mar, 31, Birmingham


Mary F M JAMES, dau, unm, 5, Warwick, Leamington


Frances REDFERN, mo in law, wid, 60, Middlesex, London


Hannah PLAYER, serv, unm, 34, cook, Dorset, Bincombe


Isabella GILES, serv, unm, 22, housemaid, Dorset, Poole


Sarah BURGESS, serv, unm, 26, nurse?, Dorset, Weymouth

53 2 Belgrave Villa

Caroline GRANT, wife, mar, 33, Commanders wife RN, Scotland


James GRANT, son, 6, Scotland


Isabella GRANT, 4, Scotland


Jessie C GRANT, 1, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 56 page 13

William GRIFFITHS, serv, unm, 20, servant RN, Hants, Portsmouth


Mary MIRROR?, serv, unm, 38, serv, Scotland


Jane VINEY, serv, unm, 37, cook, Wilts, Preaket?


Mary E STEVENS, serv, unm, 17,nurse, Scotland

54 Belgrave House

Charles WALLIS, head, mar, 43, (Grocer) Baker &c, Dorset, Upway


Ann WALLIS, wife, mar, 43, Somerset


Saml. C B WALLIS, son, unm, 18, Dorset, Radipole


Frank WALLIS, son, unm, 15, Dorset, Radipole


Edmund H WALLIS, son, unm, 11, Dorset, Radipole


Mildred WALLIS, dau, unm, 8 Dorset, Radipole


Cliffle? W WALLIS, son, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Joseph Jesse WALLIS, son, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Hester HENMAN, unm, 33, Devon?, Stanton


James T SHORTO, head, mar, 62, Retired Banker, Wilts, Bemerton


Maria E SHORTO, wife, mar, 50?,Devon

56 Belgrave Cottages

Robert BUTT, head, mar, 55, Gardener, Dorset Chettle


Caroline F BUTT, wife, mar, 39, Dorset, Weymouth


Herbert T BUTT, son, 4, Dorset, Weymouth


Caroline F BUTT, dau, 2, Dorset, Weymouth

57 Belgrave Cottages

John WILLIS, head, mar, 65, Gardener, Dorset, Stratton


Mary Ann WILLIS, wife, mar, 43, Dorset, Weymouth

Royal Oak

William RUSSELL, head, mar, 59, Publican, Dorset, Litton Cheney


Mary W RUSSELL, wife, mar, 59, Dorset, Milton Abbas


Mary J RUSSELL, dau, unm, 22, millener, Dorset, Radipole


Mary BISHOP, lodger, unm, 64, Dorset, Iwerne Minster

Fol. 56 page 14


59 Nr, Royal Oak

Henry CHICK, head, mar, 35, Cordwinder, Dorset, Radipole


Elizabeth CHICK, wife, mar, 40, Dorset, Dorchester


Saml. WESTEAD, nephew, 10, Middlesex, London

60 nr. Royal Oak

John CHARLES, head, mar, 60, (Baker) Grocer &c, Dorset, Osmington

Bakers shop,

Ann CHARLES, wife, mar, 60, Devon, Broad Embry


Ann CHARLES, dau, unm, 32, Dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole


Jane CHARLES, dau, unm, 28, Dorset, Radipole


John CHARLES, son, unm, 25, Carpenter, Dorset, Radipole


William S CHARLES, son, -, 22, Engine Fitter, Dorset, Radipole


Bessie CHARLES, dau, -, 15, Dorset, Radipole

61 nr Royal Oak

George STAINER, head, mar, 35, Groom, Dorset, Bincombe


Mary Ann STAINER, wife, mar, 44, Dorset, Puddletown


Richard STAINER, son, scholar, 12, scholar, Dorset, Broadwey


Albert STAINER, son, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Louisa STAINER, dau, 6, Dorset, Radipole


George H STAINER, son, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Mary Ann RICHARDS, wife, mar, 32, A.....all?


Mary G H RICHARDS, dau, unm, 10, scholar, A....all?

62 nr Royal Oak

Vartace? THORNER, head, wid, 59, laundress retired, parish pay, Dorset, Owermoigne


Mary CHARLES, head, wid, 68, Dorset, Osmington


Maria CHARLES, dau, unm, 26, laundress, Dorset, Osmington


Margrett CHARLES, gran.dau.unm, 10, Dorset, Osmington


Elizabeth CHARLES, gran dau. 6, Dorset, Osmington


Elizabeth STAPLE, head, wid, 70, Devon, Axminster


Henrietta GREEN, gran dau, unm, 24, Dressmaker, Devon, Axminster

Fol. 57 page 15


65 nr Royal Oak

Henry CHARLES, head, mar, 52, Boot Maker employs 1 man 1 boy, Dorset, Osmington


Jane CHARLES, wife, mar, 63, Dorset, Weymouth


Emily Jane CHARLES, dau, unm, 18, dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole


Charles W JARVIS, nephew, unm, 17, (apprentice), Dorset, Chickerell

66 nr Royal Oak

Edwd. ROBINSON, head, mar, 54, wheel chairman, Lancashire, Bolton


Mary ROBINSON, wife, mar, 50, Dorset, Beaminster


James H BARTLETT, head, mar, 29, H.M.S. Seaman, Hants, Gosport


Emma BARTLETT, wife, mar, 20, Wilts, Calne


James H BARTLETT, son, 1, Hants, Southsea

68 Lodmoor Cottages

Albert W SAMWAYS, head, mar, 22, carpenter, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah A SAMWAYS, wife, mar, 21, dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole


Mary A VINE, mother in law, mar, 48, Dorset, Radipole


John GILL, lodger, unm, 21, Railway Labourer, Jersey

69 do.

Jacob THORNER, head, mar, 54, Gardener, Dorset, Bridport


Ann THORNER, wife, mar, 50, laundress, Dorset, Lower? Frome


Emily THORNER, dau, unm, 18, laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Arthur THORNER, son, unm, 16, groom, Dorset, Radipole


Augusta A THORNER, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Charles COSENS, boarder, unm, 18, carpenter, Dorset, Radipole

70 Lodmoor House

Maria GRESHAM or GRESLAM, head, unm, 32, schoolmistress, Notts, Mansfield


Lucy FOOT, pupil, 18, scholar, Devon, Plymouth


Caroline VENSEN?, pupil, 19, scholar, Kent, Maidstone


Fanny WHITE, pupil, 17, scholar, Yorkshire, Sheffield


Charlotte CROCKETT, pupil, 17, scholar, Stafford, Tatenhill


Rose HOOPER, pupil, 16, scholar, Surrey, Chertsey

Fol. 57 Page 16

Alice ALFORD, pupil, 15, scholar, Dorset, Sherborne


Jessie CROCKETT, pupil, 14, scholar, Stafford, Tatenhill


Mary MOORE, pupil, 14, scholar, France, Dieppe


Agnes MC IVER, pupil, 15, scholar, Cheshire, Lymm


Mabel GOLLAND, pupil, 11, scholar, Lancashire, Manchester


Eveleane GOLLAND, pupil, 9, scholar, Lancashire, Manchester


Jane ORKLAND, pupil, 22?, housemaid, K N?


Anna ROSE, serv, 25, cook, Dorset, Sturminster Newton


Mary BERNING?, serv, 28, waitress, Devon, Allberton


Catherine MANT, asst., 33, Governess, Kent, Margate


Sophie DEEKIN, asst, 49, German, Germany, Lowbach

71 White House

Lucy POND, head, 45, Dorset, Blandford


Edward POND, brother, 68, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah GILL, sister, wid, 57, Dorset, Blandford


Eliza FAWKLEY, visitor, unm, 60, Essex, Colchester


Sarah PAINE, 75, Oxford, Drayton


Mary POPLE, serv, 48?, General Serv, Dorset, Bovington


Dinah WATTS, 33, Dorset, Iwerne

72 2 Boro House

William BURRINGTON?, head, widr, 60, Somerset, Ilminster

73 1 Boro House

Jane DAY, head, wid, 79, annuitant, Suffolk, Bury St Edmonds


Agnes BELL, niece, unm, 33, Westminster

74 Radipole House

John TAYLOR, head, unm, 71, (Landowner) JP, Lancashire, Rochdale


Mary LLOYD, serv, unm, 61, cook, Wales ?


Emma E BRIDLE, 23, housemaid, Dorset, Chickerell

75 6 Union Place

John B DUFALL, head, mar, 44, Independent, Dorset, Dorchester

Fol. 58 page 17

Mary Ann DUFALL, wife, mar, 40, Berks, Panborne


Mary Ann HOWE, step dau, unm, 17, Governess, Dorset, Dorchester


Eliza HOWE, step dau, unm, 14, scholar, Dorset, Dorchester


Edmund HOWE, step son, 11, Dorset, Weymouth


Robert B DUFALL, son, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Arthur HOWE, step son, 8, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Martha Jane LOCK, serv, 15, serv, Dorset, Affpuddle

76 5 Union Place

Clara MAYSEY, head, wid, 57?, Lodging Ho. Keeper, Wilts, Salisbury


Susannah BENNETT, head, wid, 69, Dividends, Wilts, Fovant


Martha BENNETT, mar, 30, Wilts

78 4 Union Place

Joseph SHORT, head, mar, 57, Retired Butler, Dorset, Milborne


Jane SHORT, wife, mar, 59, Dorset, Cerne Abbas

79 3 Union Place

Elizabeth N SLADE, head, unm, 47, Dorset, Dorchester


Emma RUSS, serv, 28, General Servant, Dorset, Chilthorne

80 2 Union Place

Joseph BAKER, head, mar, 79, Builder, Somerset, Butleigh


Sarah BAKER, wife, mar, 73, Dorset, Broadwey


Elizabeth BAKER, dau, unm, 50, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary Ann SMITH, boarder, wid, 60, Somerset, Meare


George R PORT, head, mar, 70, Rector of Grafton Flyford, Derby, Worksworthy


Frances E A PORT, wife, mar, 49, Lancashire, Liverpool

82 1 Union Place

Frances MILLEDGE, head, wid, 64, Lancashire?, Norfolk


Charlotte HANSFORD, serv, unm, 19, General Servt, Dorset, Godmanstone

83 behind Union Place

Thomas SYMONDS, head, mar, 45, Coachman, Dorset, Radipole


Edith SYMONDS, wife, mar, 45, Dorset, Puncknowle


Walter SYMONDS, son, unm, 19, Apprentice Carpenter, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 58 page 18

Albert SYMONDS, son, unm, 17, Cabman, Dorset, Radipole


Rosa SYMONDS, dau, unm, 15, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Frederick SYMONDS, son, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Georgina SYMONDS, dau, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Kate SYMONDS, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole

84 behind Union Pl

Geo W CROCKER, widr, widr, 42, Cowkeeper, Dorset, Weymouth

85 behind Union Pl

Thomas J PLOWMAN, head, mar, 30, Bricklayer, Dorset, Preston


Clarinda PLOWMAN, wife, mar, 31, Dorset, Osmington


Francis G PLOWMAN, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Harry C W PLOWMAN, son, 7 months, Dorset, Radipole

86 behind Union Pl

Mary Ann CORNICK, head, wid, 50, Dorset, Preston


Charles H BUTT, son, unm, 20, Agric Lab, Dorset, Preston


Mary Ann CORNICK, dau, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Preston


Richard CORNICK, son, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Preston

87 behind Union Pl

William TOMS, head, mar, 26, Laborer, (Dustman), Dorset, Bincombe


Sarah TOMS, wife, mar, 24, Dorset, Weymouth


William TOMS, son, 4, scholar, Dorset, Upwey


Emily TOMS, dau, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Walter TOMS, son, 8 months, Dorset, Radipole


Eliza GIFFORD, serv, 12, serv nursemaid, Dorset, Radipole

88 Hill House

Frances E M NOTLEY, head, wid, 51, Author Works of fiction, Cornwall, Landayar?


Marianne E M NOTLEY, dau, 34?, Landowner Dividends, Somerset, Chillington


Clara J NOTLEY, dau, 24, Landowner Dividends, British Subject, Belgium


James T B NOTLEY, son, 16, Landowner (scholar), Middlesex, Pimlico


Louisa WALDER, serv, 25, Cook, Dorset, Beaminster


Mary BENFIELD, serv, 23, Housemaid, Dorset, Portland

Fol. 59 page 19


89 1 Radipole Ter

Joseph HOOPER, head, mar, 62, Retired Farmer, Dorset, Puddletown


Mary HOOPER, wife, mar, 56, Dorset, Tincleton


Marianne COLEMAN, serv, 14, Genl. Servt., Dorset, Owermoigne

90 2 Radipole Ter

Sarah Emily SCORE, head, 47, Annuitant, Hants, Alverstoke


Mary Ann HUTCHINGS, serv, 48, General Servt., Dorset, Radipole

91 3 Radipole Ter

Mary E LYERS, head, 54, Annuitant, Lancashire, Liverpool


Frances LYERS, niece, 23, Income from Ashalte? Works, Lancashire, Walton


Florence A LYERS, niece, 19, Income from Ashalte? Works, Lancashire,Walton


George B M PORT, nephew, 8, scholar, Lancashire, St. Michaels


Deborah CARTER, serv, Dorset, Upwey

92 4 Radipole Ter

Edward NOBBS, head, mar, 57, Retired Cordwainer, Dorset, Weymouth


Maria NOBBS, wife, mar, 56, Hants, Southampton


Martha PRICE, visitor, 54, Annuitant, Dorset, Fordington

1 uninhabited


93 10 Belgrave Ter

Rebbecca GREENING, unm, 29, schoolmistress, Dorset, Dorchester


Lucy GREENING, unm, 20, schoolmistress, Dorset, Dorchester


Phoebe D MITCHELL, visitor, wid, 79, Annuitant, NK


Maria COBB, serv, unm, 20, General Serv., Dorset, Bere Regis

94 9 Belgrave Ter

Benjn. BENSON, head, mar, 68, News Agent, Hants, Ringwood


Sarah BENSON, wife, mar, 67, Dorset, Weymouth


Ann MITCHELL, serv, unm, 18, Genl. Servt., Dorset, Buckland Newton


Rebecca RUGGE, lodger, unm, 49, Shareholder, London

94 8 Belgrave Ter

Joseph DREW, head, mar, 56, F.R.A. (...FRS) JP for Boro of Weymouth & M Regis, Kent, Deptford


Caroline A DREW, wife, mar, 57, London, Holborn


Harry DREW, son, unm, 19, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 59 page 20

Frances Ann GOOLDE,niece, unm, 20, Dorset, Weymouth


Charles FLANDERS, grandson, unm, 8, Dorset, Weymouth


Clara C OTTER, serv, unm, 16, Parlour maid, Dorset, Broadwey


Susan WILLIAMS, serv, unm, 29, cook, Dorset, Charmouth

95 7 Belgrave Ter

Louisa ABRAHAM, head, mar, 51, laundress, Dorset, Weymouth


Charlotte TAYLOR, mother, wid, 85, annuitant, Dorset, Weymouth


Elizabeth TAYLOR, sister, unm, 47, Dorset, Weymouth


William AYLESBURY, bro in law, mar, 30, seaman, Dorset, Weymouth


Harriet AYLESBURY, sister, mar, 38, Dorset, Weymouth


Rosa AYLESBURY, niece, unm, 7, Dorset, Weymouth


Anne AYLESBURY, niece, 7, Dorset, Weymouth


Matilda AYLESBURY, niece, 4, Dorset, Weymouth

6 & 5 Belgrave Ter

2 uninhabited

97 4 BelgraveTer

William GUNTER, head, mar, 32, Chaplain R.N., Middlesex, Fulham


Caroline C GUNTER, wife, mar, 24, Somerset, Burnham


John HAYES, serv, mar, 60, Gardener, Dorset, Portisham


Hannah HAYNES, serv, mar, 51, Cook, Oxford


Ellen TOMS, serv, unm, 15, General Servt., Dorset, Bere Regis

3 Belgrave Ter.

1 uninhabited

98 2 Belgrave Ter.

Charlotte T POWELL, head, wid, 48, Dorset, Blandford


Mary S POWELL, dau, unm, 24, Cornwall, Truro


Peter S D POWELL, son, unm, 20, Undergraduate, Dorset, Blandford


Susan KING, unm, 81, Dorset, Blandford


Mary Ann KENDALL, serv, wid, 70, cook, Cornwall, St.Eme?


Ellen RUNDLE, serv, unm, 24, Housemaid, Cornwall, Liseard

Fol. 60 page 21

99 1 BelgraveTer


Christian P WILLES, head, wid, 54, Income from houses, Isle of Man, Douglas


Charlotte WILLES, dau, unm, 25, Landowner, Isle of Man, Douglas


Edward P WILLES, son, 20, Landowner (articles to solicitor), Isle of

Man, Douglas


Jane WILLES, dau, 18, Landowner, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


William WILLES, son, 16, Landowner (scholar), Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Jane WHITE, serv, wid, 45, Cook, Dorset, Portland


Jemima B ROGERS, serv, unm, 17, Housemaid, Dorset, Cheselborne

100 6 Prospect Pl

William K FRASER, head, mar, 53, Capt. Barrack Master, Hants


Susan FRASER, wife, mar, 30, Essex


George FRASER, son, 9, Southampton


Eliza COOMBS, serv, unm, 19, General Servt., Dorset, Broadway

101 5 Prospect Pl

Jemima P HARRIS, head, wid, 63, Annuitant, Dorset, Dorchester


Mary Jane BAILEY, serv, unm, 21, servant, Dorset,

102 4 Prospect Pl

Stephen J SCOREY, head, widr, 49, Accountant, Dorset, Weymouth


Elizabeth WEBBER, serv, unm, 43, Housekeeper, Dorset, Weymouth

103 3 Prospect Pl

Isher? A MONTGOMERY, wife, mar, 26, wife of Capt. 7th Fusiliers, Gibraltar, Voom?


Aletha S MONTGOMERY, dau, 8, Gibraltar


Blanche S MONTGOMERY, dau, 6, Deal?


John W V MONTGOMERY, son, 3,Canada? West


Isher D MONTGOMERY, dau, 6 months, Dorset, Weymouth


Anne B DAUCHEM?, nurse, unm, 60, nurse, Orkney


Elizabeth H INGRAM, governess, unm, 19, governess, Orkney


Ellen WALDOUR?, serv, unm, 14, Housemaid, Dorset, Preston

104 2 Prospect Pl

Joseph TIZARD, head, mar, 69, Retired Coal Merchant, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah TIZARD, wife, mar, 66, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 60 page 22

Ann TIZARD, dau, unm, 39, Daily Governess, Dorset, Weymouth


Susan GALPIN, serv, unm, 18, General Serv, Dorset, Weymouth

105 1 Prospect Pl

Henry W ARBIDGE, head, mar, 47, Paymaster, RN, Kent, Broughton


Mary F ARBIDGE, wife, mar, 47, Kent, Sheerness


Mary S ARBIDGE, dau, 11, scholar, Kent, Upmoor?


Charles G S EELES, nephew, unm, 17, Midshipman RN, HMS U..?, Gloster, Chepstow


Elizabeth ATWOOL, serv, unm, 20?, General Servt., Dorset, Portland

106 Runnymeade Villa

Catherine OWEN, head, wid, 48, Annuitant, Middlesex, London


Charles M OWEN, son, unm, 18, scholar, Gloster, Rodbourgh


Octavius E OWEN, son, unm, 16, scholar, France, Bolslogne


Elizabeth BURT, serv, wid, 50, Cook, Dorset, Cheddington


Mary BURRIDGE, serv, unm, 28, Housemaid, Dorset, Bradford Peverell

107 Fairfield Villa

Susan Le CRAY, serv, unm, 43, General Serv., Jersey, Trinity?


Elizabeth BOULILLIER, serv, unm, 39, General Serv., Jersey, Trinity?

108 Montrose Villa

Edward PORTBURY, head, mar 76, Retired Historical Engraver, Devon, Exeter


Elizabeth E PORTBURY, wife, mar, 44, Middlesex, London


Evelyn H PORTBURY, dau, unm, 20, Dorset, Weymouth


Harry PORTBURY, son, unm, 11, Dorset, Weymouth


Florence PORTBURY, dau, 9, Dorset, Weymouth


Susan HAYWARD, serv, unm, 22, General Serv, Dorset,Weymouth


Annie HICKS, serv, unm, 17, General Serv, Dorset, Poole

109 Cambridge Villa

Elizabeth HALL, head, wid, 73, Annuitant, Bucks, High Wycombe


Henrietta M HALL, dau, unm, 50, Bucks, Highenden


Lydia S FOUNTAIN, serv, unm, 33, Ladys Maid, Dorset, Cerne


Amelia CAKE, serv, unm, 18 Housemaid, Dorset, Cerne

Fol. 61 page 23


110 Addiscombe Villa

Fanny HILL, head, wid, 31, Householder, Sussex, Salehurst


William J HILL, son, 8, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Annie LONG, visitor, unm, 22, Wilts, Bulford


Harriett BENETT, serv, unm, 32, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Beaminster


Maria HARDY, serv, unm, 20, Genl. Serv, Ireland, Dundisk?


Florence E HOPKINS?, niece, 2, Kent, Ulham?

111 Thornhill Villa

Sophia THERING?, head, unm, 47 Annuitant, Wilts, Wilton


Martha ANDREWS, serv, unm, 38, Genl. Servt, Wilts, Salisbury


Mary J CORBIN, serv, unm, 17, Genl. Servt, Hants, Southampton

112 Thornhill Villa

Emma CARPENDALE, head, wid, 60, Clergyman's widow, Somerset, Clifton Wood


Emily M CARPENDALE, dau, unm, 36, Somerset, Wincanton


Emma D CARPENDALE, grd.dau, 12, America, New York


Mary Ann HOPP, serv, 23, Parlour maid, Dorset, Portland


Mary HOPP, serv, 13, genl. Servt, Dorset, Portland

113 Elleslie Villa

Esther G SHARPE, head, unm, 62, Shareholder, London


Henrietta SHARPE, sister, unm, 59, Shareholder, London


Adelaide BULL, serv, unm, 52, Genl.Servt, Sussex, Hastings

114 Westborne Pl

George BAKER, head, mar, 39, Carpenter, Dorset, Broadwey


Charlotte BAKER, wife, mar, 45, Dorset, Cerne


Emma BAKER, dau, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah J BAKER, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Joseph BAKER, son, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Susan BAKER, dau, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Eliza BAKER, dau, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

115 Westborne Pl

Ellen Thompson, lodger, unm, 40, Dorset, Hamworthy

Fol. 61 page 24


116 Westborne Pl

Mary Ann SPENCER, lodger, wid, 58, Chaplains widow, Derbyshire


Anne SPENCER, lodger, unm, 28, Clergymans dau, India, British Subject

117 Westborne Pl

Edwin R CHARLES, head, mar, 38, Boot & Shoe maker, Dorset, Radipole


Ellen K CHARLES, wife, mar, 33, Glostershire, Uley

118 Westborne Pl

Jane C POOLEY, wife, mar, 38, wife of Paymaster RN, Morner Life, British Subject


Martha POOLEY, dau, 11, Dorset, Portland


Helen POOLEY, dau, 9, Dorset, Radipole


R King POOLEY, son, 7, Dorset, Radipole


Alberta POOLEY, dau, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Ernest POOLEY, son, 7 months, Dorset, Radipole


Maria HOLLAND, serv, unm, 20, Genl. Servt, Dorset NK


Emily JOLLIFFE, serv, unm, 18?, Nursemaid, Dorset,

119 Westborne Pl

Harriet C NEVILL, head, wid, 71, Independent, Dorset, Iwerne Minster


George W NEVILL, son, unm, 34, Independent, Sussex, East Grinstead


Harriet L NEVILL, dau, unm, 28, Independent, Sussex, East Grinstead


Mary Ann PLOWMAN, serv, unm, 64?, Nurse, needlewoman, Dorset,Worgate


Mary KEATS, serv, unm, 20, General Serv, Dorset, Radipole

Park Villas

1 uninhabited

120 Park Villas

Joseph BEALE, head, mar, 83, Retired S Sailor, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Mary BEALE, wife, mar, 86, Dorset, Portland


Hannah BEALE, dau, unm, 60, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Elizabeth READ, dau, wid, 57, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

121 1 Hanover Villa

Frederick JOYES, head, mar, 43, (Railway Guard) & Landowner, Monmouthshire


Isabella JOYES, wife, mar, 51, Dorset, Winfrith


Anne WAKEFIELD, dau, unm, 17, Dorset, Bradpole

Fol. 62 page 25

Edmund BISHOP, nephew, 6, scholar, Dorset, Bradpole


John BISHOP, nephew, 4, Dorset, Bradpole


Mary BURT, serv, 18, Domestic serv, Dorset, Winfrith

122 2 Hanover Villa

Elizabeth BRADSHAW, head, wid, 67, Interest of money, Ireland, Co. High


Henrietta KNOX, sister, wid, 66, Interest of money, Ireland, Co. High


Charlotte FOOT, serv, mar, 32, Domestic Serv, Dorset, Burton Bradstock

123 3 Hanover Villa

Maria HOUGHTON, head, wid, 44, Glosester, Cirencester


Caroline E HOUGHTON, dau, 11, scholar, Dorset, Portland


A C HOUGHTON, dau, 8, Dorset, Portland


Rose HOUGHTON, dau, 7, Dorset, Portland


Elizabeth UGGLE, serv, unm, 32, Genl. Servt, Gloster, Earn?

4 Hanover Villa

1 uninhabited

124 5 Hanover Villa

W L'HOMME, head, mar, 47, Coal Merchant, London


Elizabeth J L'HOMME, wife, mar, 28, Dorset, Fordington


William L'HOMME, son, unm, 21, (Merchant's) son, Middlesex, Finsbury


Elizabeth M L'HOMME, dau, 4, Dorset, Fordington


Ida A L'HOMME, dau, 2, Dorset, Fordington


Beatrice M L'HOMME, dau, 1, Dorset, Fordington


Albert W L'HOMME, son, 7 months, Dorset, Radipole


Fressecia? N MORRIS, serv,unm, 25, Wilts, Swindon


Frances Ellen SANSOM, serv, unm, 16, Nursemaid, Dorset, Moreton

125 6 Hanover Villa

Richd. COTTERELL, head, mar, 71, Boro JP, Middlesex, Kensington


Sarah COTTERELL, wife, mar, 64, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Alice B COTTERELL, dau, unm, 27, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Jane NEALE, serv, unm, 18, General Serv, Dorset, Yetminster

Fol. 62 page 26


126 7 Hanover Ter

Sophia WALTERS, head, mar, 38, Teacher, E.India, British Subject


Eleanor M WALTERS, dau, 12, scholar, Somerset, Bath


Alice A WALTERS, dau, 10, Somerset, Bathford


Herbert J B WALTERS, son, 9, N.Wales, Denbyshire

127 8 Hanover Ter

Michael J THURMAN, head, mar, 48, Ironmonger, Dorset, Weymouth


Clarenta THURMAN, wife, mar, 46, York, Halifax


John C THURMAN, son, unm, 19, (Ironmonger's) son, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


William C THURMAN, son, unm, 16, (Ironmonger's) son, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Charlotte CHICK, serv, unm, 16, Genl. Servt, Dorset, Warborough

2 uninhabited


128 York Villas

Samuel W PAYNE, head, mar, 43, Chaplain, Naval Instructor, Ireland, Nel Ross


Julia F PAYNE, wife, mar, 27, NK


Julian? D PAYNE, son, 5 months, Dorset, Radipole


Bett Jane PAYNE, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole


Jane SPENCER, serv, unm, 28, nurse, Ireland, Dublin

129 York Villas

John SYMONDS, head, mar, 40, Coal carrier lab, Dorset, Radipole


Ann SYMONDS, wife, mar, 41, Laundress, Dorset, Broadwey


E A SYMONDS, dau, unm, 22, Dorset, Weymouth


Albert SYMONDS, son, unm, 15, Dorset, Weymouth


Thomas SYMONDS, son, unm, 12, Dorset, Weymouth


Louisa SYMONDS, dau, 9, Dorset, Weymouth


Fanny SYMONDS, dau, 5, Dorset, Weymouth


Walter SYMONDS, son, 4, Dorset, Weymouth


Lotty SYMONDS, dau, 1, Dorset, Weymouth


Matthew SYMONDS, brother, mar, 30, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 63 page 27

Eliza SYMONDS, wife, mar, 29, Dorset, Osmington


John SYMONDS, son, 8, Dorset, Weymouth


Caroline HANNERSLEY?, wife, mar, 37, Dorset, Weymouth

131 Barrack Field

George AMES, head, mar, 33, Railway Guard, Dorset, Spetisbury


Elizabeth AMES, wife, mar, 36, Dress maker, Dorset, Weymouth


Susan E AMES, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Anne N AMES, dau, unm, 9, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Israel G AMES, son, unm, 5, scholar, Dorset, Dorchester


John HONEYBOURNE, father in law, widr, 85, Dorset, Loaders


Martha HONEYBOURNE, sister in law, unm, 56, Dorset, Radipole

132 Nr. Hill House

M A BUTCHER, unm, 34, dressmaker, Alesbury


E STAPLE, unm, 35, dressmaker, Devon, Axminster

133 Nr Hill House

Edwd LONDON, head, mar, 48, (Comml.Traveller) Corn Trade, Kent, Tonbridge

Sedan Cottage

Ellen LONDON, wife, mar, 45, Middlesex, London


Edward R LONDON, son, 14, Sailor, Somerset, Curry Rivel


Ada E LONDON, dau, 5, Somerset, Burnham

134 Nr. Hill House

Mary BISHOP, wife, mar, 54, Dorset, Puddletown

135 Nr. Hill House

Richard CHALKER, head, mar, 34, Journeyman Baker, Dorset, Weymouth


Elizabeth CHALKER, wife, mar, 34, Dorset, Sherborne


Elizabeth A CHALKER, dau, unm, 12, Dorset, Weymouth


William R CHALKER, son, 10, Dorset, Weymouth


Fanny S CHALKER, dau, 8, Dorset, Weymouth


Albert CHALKER, son, 5, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary J CHALKER, dau, 3, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 63 page 28


136 Nr. Hill House

James CHALKER, head, widr, 55, Journeyman Carpenter, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah A CHALKER, dau, unm, 33, Dorset, Weymouth


Albert J CHALKER, son, 30, Journeyman Painter, Dorset, Weymouth

137 South Field

Arnyatt? BROWN, head, mar, 40, Chief Constable of Dorset, Ireland, Dublin


Frances BROWN, wife, mar, 34, Ceylon


Beatrice BROWN, dau, unm, 9 scholar, Dorset, Purse Caundle


Florence BROWN, dau, 6, scholar, Dorset, Purse Caundle


Faith TUBB, serv, 35, nurse, Hants, Hartley Road


Amelia GABLE, serv, 32, cook, London


Ann GOFFE, serv, 16, housemaid, Hants, Besingslate


Enos BAKER, serv, 31, Footman, Dorset, Piddletrenthide

138 1 Grosvenor Road

John DAVEY, head, mar, 72, Retired Medical Man, Dorset, Blandford


Matilda DAVEY, wife, mar, 68, Dorset, W. Whitechurch


Sarah AMEY, serv, wid, 56, cook, Somerset, Yarlington


Sarah BISHOP, serv, unm, 18, housemaid, Somerset, Henley

139 2 Grosvenor Rd

Caroline MARRIOTT, head, wid, 75, Clergyman's widow, Middlesex, Marleybone


Sophia MARRIOTT, dau, unm, 42, Somerset, Bath


Candelia C MARRIOTT, dau, unm, 34, Somerset, Clanston


Elizabeth WATTS, serv, unm, 34, cook, Somerset, Radstock


Catherine JEFFERY, serv, unm, 17, housemaid, Somerset, Greenham

140 3 Grosvenor Rd

Alfred ROLLS, head, mar, 45, Leather Merchant, Dorset, Weymouth


Albina ROLLS, wife, mar, 40, Dorset, Weymouth


Alfred M ROLLS, son, unm, 19, Solicitors articles clerk, Dorset, Weymouth


Carrie ROLLS, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Charles ROLLS, son, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

Fol. 64 page 29

Harry AYLESBURY, nephew, unm, 20, Solicitors articles clerk, Dorset, Weymouth


Eliza SANSOM, serv, unm, 20, Genl.Servt, Dorset, Portland

141 4 Grosvenor Rd

John C INGLES, head, mar, 45, Staff Surgeon RN, active ..?, Sydney C.B. Nova Scotia


Mary D INGLES, wife, mar, 36, Devon, Kingsbridge


Dora B C INGLES, dau, 6, Somerset, Clevedon


Charles W C INGLES, son, 2, Kent, Blackheath


Elizabeth TOMS, serv, 24, cook, Dorset, Bere Regis


Elizabeth LUSCOMBE, serv, unm, 24, nurse, Devon, Dodbrook

142 5 Grosvenor Rd

Samuel BURDGE, head, widr, 78, Retired Farmer, Somerset, Paulett


Susan WEADON, serv, unm, 27, housemaid, Dorset, Yetminster


Elizabeth STRANGE, serv, unm, 34, cook, Dorset, Spetisbury

143 behind Grosvenor Road

Charles STRANGE, head, mar, 72, (Groom) & Gardener, Dorset, Tarrant Monkton


Harriet STRANGE, wife, mar, 62, Dorset, Spetisbury

144 6 Grosvenor Rd

Benjn. HOPKINS, head, mar, 52, Retired Corn Merchant, Somerset, Crewkerne


Mary HOPKINS, wife, mar, 41, Somerset, Seaborough


Jessica HOPKINS, dau, unm, 17, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Catherine E HOPKINS, dau, 8, scholar, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Charlotte SHEPHERD, mother in law, wid, 73, Broadwinsor


Sarah H WHITE, serv, unm, 26, Genl. Servt.,Dorset, Portland


Susan MILLER, serv, unm, 18, Genl.Serv, Dorset, Melcombe Regis

145 7 Grosvenor Rd

Danl. COLLETT, head, mar, 42, Engineer (Iron Foundry) employing 9 men & 3 boys, York, Beverley


Lizzie P COLLETT, wife, mar,40, Sussex, Brighton


Alfred M COLLETT, son, 12, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Sarah SEAVANT, serv, unm, 22, Genl. Servt, Devon, Kilmington

Fol. 64 page 30


146 8 Grosvenor Rd

John A TALBOT, head, mar, 50, Draper, Guernsey


Emma TALBOT, wife, mar, 42, Dorset


Amelia RULL?, serv, unm, 24, Genl. Servt, Dorset



End of local boro in this Enumn. Dist.

End of St. Johns Ecclesiastical District and Boundary of The Boro of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis





Fol. 65 page 31


147 Brickfield Cottages

Jane CHICK, head, wid, 68, Dorset, Shilvington


John CHICK, son, 6, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth

148 Brickfield Cottages

Richard CHICK, head, mar, 37, Labourer, Dorset, Radipole


Caroline CHICK, wife, mar, 34, Hants, Ringwood


William CHICK, son, unm, 17, Dorset, Radipole


George CHICK, son, unm, 15, Dorset, Radipole


James CHICK, son, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Samuel CHICK, son, 9, Dorset, Radipole


Frederick CHICK, son, 5, Dorset, Radipole


Thomas CHICK, son, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Joseph CHICK, son, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Florence CHICK, dau, 2 months, Dorset, Radipole


John LOWTHER, lodger, 26, Labourer, Dorset, Weymouth

149 1 Argyle Ter

Mary A C FESHING, dau, unm, 32, Gentlewoman, Essex, Southend


Elizabeth W FESHING, 24, Gentlewoman, Somerset, Wincanton


Anne PLATT, serv, unm, 38, housemaid, Berks, Warkfield


Anna S CHAMBERS, serv, unm, 16, Cook, Suffolk, Iken

150 2 Argyle Ter

George LUCAS, head, mar, 66, Retired Builder, Dorset, Fordington


Hannah LUCAS, wife, mar, 64, Dorset, Holy Trinity, Dorchester


Eliza LUCAS, dau, unm, 39, Dorset, Holy Trinity, Dorchester


Mary R STROUD, serv, unm, 24, Genl. Servt, Dorset, Upwey

3 Argyle Ter,

1 uninhabited

151 4 Argyle Ter

Joseph J R SHORT Manager of Portland (Stone Quarries), Dorset, Portland


Emma SHORT, wife, mar, 32, Surrey, Guildford


Alfred H SHORT, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Portland

Fol. 66 page 32

Emma J A SHORT, dau, 4, Dorset, Portland


Mabel M G SHORT, dau, 6 months, Dorset, Weymouth


Annie SYMES, serv, unm, 21, Domestic Serv, Dorset, Beaminster


Emma E MITCHELL, serv, unm, 14, Housemaid, Dorset Henley

5 & 6 Argyle Ter

2 uninhabited

152 7 Argyle Ter

Thomas ELLIOTT, head, unm, 60, Retired Farmer, Dorset, Fordington


Jane STROUD, serv, unm, 45, housekeeper, Dorset, Trent


Ann SERVER?, serv, unm, 15, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Radipole


Ann FACTOR, visitor, wid, 75, Somerset, Lydford

153 8 Argyle Ter

John Geo BARNES, head, mar, 44, Paymaster RN Active List, Devon, Devonport


Mary C BARNES, wife, mar, 36, Italy, Lyhan?


George F BARNES, son, 12, Devon, Stoke


Herbert C BARNES, son, 8, Devon, Stoke


Fanny M BARNES, dau, 3, Devon, Stoke


Leonard S BARNES, son, 1, Dorset, Radipole


Mary G BARNES, dau, 3 1/2 months, Dorset, Radipole


Ellen CARTER, serv, unm, 19, nurse, Dorset, Upwey


Mary Ann E W ALLBERRY, serv, unm, 18, nurse, Dorset, Portland


Jane BISHOP, serv, unm, 21, General Serv, Dorset, Portland


Mary Ann HAUGHT?, serv, unm, 19, Sick nurse, Suffolk, Boynton

154 9 Argyle Ter

Elizabeth H JENKINS, head, wid, 47, Government Pension, Ireland


M H JENKINS, dau, 18, Cape of Good Hope B Sutgied?


Maria H JENKINS, dau, 14, Cape of Good Hope B Sutgied?


M Louisa FERRY, sister, unm, 26, Berks, Reading


Rachael BURROUGH, serv, unm, 42, Genl. Servt, Wilts, Burbidge


Isabella BURROUGH, serv, unm, 21, Genl. Servt, Wilts, Burbidge

Fol. 66 page 33


155 10 Argyle Ter

Edward H WATTS, head, mar, 38, Annuitant, Somerset, Thorne


Frances WATTS, wife, 36, Annuitant, Gloucester, Clifford


Ada V WATTS, dau, unm, 9, Surrey, Richmond


Alice C WATTS, dau, unm, 6, Surrey, Richmond


Elizabeth PULLEN, serv, unm, 66, nurse, Berks, Little Coxwell


Sophia H, serv, unm, 29, cook, Berks, Abingdon


Louisa WALLACE, serv, unm, 27, housemaid, Kent, Hythe

11 & 12 Argyle Ter

2 uninhabited

156 Tatice? Lodge

Charles COSENS, head, mar, 55, Landowner, Dorset, Dorchester


Harriet COSENS, wife, mar, 57, Somerset, Wrington


Sarah THOMAS, serv, unm, 22, Housemaid, Dorset, Watercombe


Sarah WHITEMORE, serv, unm, 27, cook, Somerset, Blackford

Spring Villa

1 uninhabited

157 Siam House

William M BEWSEY, head, mar, 51, Retired (Farmer) & Landowner, Somerset, Stowell


Elizabeth BEWSEY, wife, mar, 47, Landowner, Somerset, Temple Combe


John BEWSEY, son, unm, 18, scholar, Somerset, Stowell


Elizabeth BEWSEY, dau, 20, scholar, Somerset, Stowell


Septimus T BEWSEY, son, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Nathaniel T BEWSEY, son, 5, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Ann READ, serv, unm, 16, Genl. Servt, Somerset, Horsington


Emma KEATS, serv, unm, 18, Genl. Servt, Dorset, Affpuddle

158 Clevedon House

Hardwick SMITH, head, mar, 46, Schoolmaster B.A., Middlesex, Kensington


Isabella SMITH, wife, mar, 45, Preston Pans? Heddington


Norman SMITH, son, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Maiden Newton


Elizabeth SMITH, sister, unm, 48, Teacher, Middlesex, Kensington

Fol. 66 page 34

Carl P HENNMAN, asst, unm, 31, Asst. Master, West Prussia


Mary Ann SARGENT, serv, unm, 20, cook, Dorset, Dorchester


Martha BURRIDGE, serv, unm, 20, housemaid, Dorset, Chickerell


Louisa LUCAS, serv, unm, 16, Kitchenmaid, Dorset, Lulworth


Alfred LARDOX, pupil, 15, scholar, India, Calcutta


William JESTY, pupil, 16, scholar, Dorset, Broadwey


Joseph YOUNGER, pupil, 13, scholar, Somerset, Box


James MILLS, pupil, 15, scholar, London


Charles WALKER, pupil, 14, scholar, London, Old Street


Kenneth MULLINS, pupil, 14, scholar, India, Calcutta


Thomas SLICKBURY, pupil, 14, scholar, Dorset, Maiden Newton


Alfred EALES, pupil, 13, scholar, Middlesex, Tottenham


Henry OERMAN/OSMAN?, pupil, 13, scholar, Middlesex, London


Charles DAVIS, pupil, 13, scholar, Surrey, Kingston


Samuel MEADE, pupil, 13, scholar, Dorset, Lulworth


John WILLIAMS, pupil, 14, scholar, Buenos Ayres S.America


William DARBY, pupil, 13, scholar, Farnham, Hants,


Jesse ROGERS, pupil, 16, scholar, Dorset, Sydling


Thomas HANCOCK, pupil, 14, scholar, Middlesex, Dalton


Walter EALE, pupil, 8, scholar, Middlesex, Tottenham


Walter HAY, pupil, 10, scholar, Middlesex, Whitechaple

Oakley Villa

1 uninhabited

159 Alma Villa

Kosensko NEWBOLT, head, mar, 47, Bank Shareholder, London


Mary NEWBOLT, wife, mar, 45, Lancashire?, Hales


Annie O NEWBOLT, dau, unm, 12, Bucks, Stony Stratford

Fol. 67 page 35

Marion H NEWBOLT, dau, unm, 10, Somerset, Bath


Rosa M NEWBOLT, dau, unm, 9, Dorset, Weymouth


George P NEWBOLT, son, 8, Somerset, Bath


Elizabeth LEE, serv, unm, 28, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Portland


Elizabeth A BEZANT, serv, unm, 28, Genl. Serv, Somerset, Bath

160 Lowther Villa

John LUNDIE, head, mar, 38, Wine Merchant, Dorset, Weymouth


Agnes LUNDIE, wife, mar, 38, Somerset, Bath


William PORTBURY ?, visitor, unm, 36, Hat Manufacturer, Somerset, Bath


Sarah J DAVIS, serv, unm, 36, Genl. Servt, Dorset, Portland

161 Hanover Villa

Ellen C B GREGORY, wife, mar, 35, Majistrates wife, Devon, Northam


George GREGORY, son, unm, 14, scholar, Devon, Kessin


Bessie GREGORY, dau, 13, scholar, Devon, Kessin


Cyril T GREGORY, son, 11, scholar, Devon


Blanche GREGORY, dau, 9, scholar, Devon


Edith GREGORY, dau, 9, scholar, Devon


Emily DAWE, serv, unm, 22, cook, Devon


Ellen DELUE, serv, unm, 15, housemaid, Devon

2 uninhabited


162 Antwerp Ter

William S FERRIS, head, mar, 55, J.P. for Weymouth, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary A FERRIS, wife, mar, 52, Dorset, Wyke Regis


Ann SWAFFIELD, serv, unm, 23, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Stoke Abbott

163 Antwerp Ter

Charles BURNETT, head, unm, 72, retired Capt. R.N., Wilts, Salisbury


Bartholomew BURNETT, brother, unm, 79, late Capt. 74th Regt, Wilts, Salisbury


William PETERS, serv, mar, 42, Genl. Servt, Hants, Fareham


Jane PETERS, wife, mar, 43, Dorset, Owermoigne

Fol. 67 page 36

Julia PETERS, dau, unm, 17, Dressmaker, Dorset, Weymouth


Jane PETERS, dau, unm, 15, Domestic Serv, Dorset, Weymouth

164 Rhys Villa

Honorable M BANKES, head, wid, 63, Yorkshire


Miss BANKES, dau, unm, 29, London


Mrs JAMES, dau, mar, 25, London


Miss F BANKES (twins), 23, London


Miss E BANKES (twins), 23, London


Mrs PINK, serv, unm, 36, cook, Hants, Southampton


Ann DODGE, serv, 39, Ladys Maid, Worcs, Daylesford


Mary WAY, serv, 21, Ladys Maid, Dorset, Bridport


Jane REED, serv, 30, House Maid, Dorset, Broadmayne


Priscilla JONES, serv, unm, 26, kitchen maid, E Wales, Flint


Nathan? NOTTAGE?, serv, unm, 29, Footman, Hants


Basil HALL, serv, unm, 13, Groom Boy, Dorset


Ephraim PETTIS, serv, unm, 29, Groom, Dorset

165 Toll Gate

William HEDDITCH, head, mar, 38, Toll collector, Dorset


Priscilla HEDDITCH, wife, mar, 41, Toll collector, Dorset, Gillingham


Jesse Jarvis JESTY, visitor, 5, Dorset, Radipole

166 Bridge Inn

Amelia A STEVENS, head, 40, Beer retailer, Dorset, Radipole


Walter J STEVENS, son, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Alexander STEVENS, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Ann T STEVENS, dau, 5, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Alan G STEVENS, son, 4, Dorset, Radipole


Charlotte G WHITE, serv, 21, Genl. Servt, Dorset, Askerswell

167 Bridge Inn

Matilda PETTIS, wife, mar, 27, lodger, Dorset, Broadwey

Fol. 68 page 37


168 Nr Bridge Inn

George GILL, head, mar, 27, Gardner, Dorset, Radipole


Susan GILL, wife, mar, 32, Somerset, Penselwood


Bessie A GILL, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole


Alice M GILL, dau, 5 months, Dorset, Radipole

169 Nr Bridge Inn

Joseph HAYWARD, head, mar, 62, Gardner, Dorset, Longbredy


Jane HAYWARD, wife, mar, 61, Somerset


Elizabeth HAYWARD, dau, unm, 20, Dorset, Broadwey


Alfred ANDREWS, son in law, mar, 26, Painter, Dorset, Weymouth


Jane ANDREWS, dau, mar, 27, Dorset, Stinsford


Alfred ANDREWS, g.son, 7, Dorset, Broadwey


Susan ANDREWS, g.dau, 2, Dorset, Radipole

170 Nr Bridge Inn

William VINE, head, mar, 48, Railway lab, Dorset, Littlebredy


Sarah VINE, wife, mar, 42, Dorset, Radipole


Harriett VINE, dau, unm, 18, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Alfred VINE, son, unm, 22, Carter, Dorset, Radipole


John VINE, son, 14, cow boy, Dorset, Radipole


Henry VINE, son, 10, Dorset, Radipole


Hilley VINE, son, 9, Dorset, Radipole


Arthur VINE, lodger, unm, 40, Railway lab, Dorset, Littlebredy

171 Nr Bridge Inn

Thomas ORTON, head, mar, 38, Butler, Wooster, Upper Wick


Emma ORTON, wife, mar, 37, Gloster, Oddington


Harry J ORTON, son, 10, Bristol


Mary J ORTON, dau, 8, Wooster, Upper Wick


Ellen H ORTON, dau, 6, Wooster, Upper Wick


Thomas F ORTON, son, 4, Bristol


Edith A ORTON, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 68 page 38


172 Nr Bridge Inn

Charles GILL, head, mar, 30, Gardener, Dorset, Radipole


Mary GILL, wife, mar, 31, Dorset, Bere Regis

173 Nr Bridge Inn

John R GILL, head, mar, 36, Gardener, Dorset, Radipole


Jane GILL, wife, mar, 35, Shropshire, Willington


John T GILL, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Mary M GILL, dau, 4, Dorset, Radipole


Emily A GILL, 3 months, Dorset, Radipole

174 Radipole Spa

John GILL, head, mar, 67, Farmer, Dorset, Loaders


Martha GILL, wife, mar, 67, Dorset, Mosterton


Sarah A GILL, dau, unm, 39, Dorset, Radipole


Emma E GILL, dau, unm, 23, Dorset, Radipole


Matthew GILL, son, unm, 15, Farm serv indoor, Dorset, Askerswell

175 Radipole Spa

Elizabeth HEWETT, lodger, unm, 66, Dividends, Hants


Jane HEWETT, lodger, unm, 63, Dividends, Hants

176 1 Bridge Bldgs

John MUSSELL, head, mar, 48, Mason, Dorset, Milton


Mary MUSSELL, wife, mar, 39, Dorset, Upwey


Julia MUSSELL, dau, unm, 5, Dorset, Radipole


Emily MUSSELL, dau, unm, 8 months, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah PORTINGTON, serv, unm, 14, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Upwey

177 2 Bridge Bldgs

Fermin VAN HEDDINGHAM, head, 42, Professor of Music, Belgium, Melegan


Rosa M GRIFFIN, wife, 32, Middlesex, London


Len VAN HEDDINGHAM, son, 10, Middlesex, Hamstead


Alice M VAN HEDDINGHAM, dau, 8 Middlesex, Kentish Town


Blanche VAN HEDDINGHAM, dau, 3, Devon, Plymouth


Mary YOUNG, serv, 16, Genl. Serv, Middlesex, Fulham

Fol. 69 page 39


3 & 4 Bridge Bldgs 2


178 Mount Pleasant

Charles JESTY, head, mar, 39, Road Surveyor, Somerset, Ilminster


Mary JESTY, wife, mar, 43, Devon, Collumpton


Harry JESTY, son, unm, 13, Dorset, Broadwey


Mary M JESTY, dau, 10, Dorset, Radipole


Albert B JESTY, son, 8, Dorset, Radipole


Lydia Ann JESTY, dau, 7, Dorset, Radipole


Bessie S JESTY, dau, 3, Dorset, Radipole


John Jesse JESTY, brother, unm, 28, Assistant Surveyor (Road), Dorset, Bere Regis


Mary PULMAN, serv, unm, 16, Domestic servant, Dorset, Broadway

179 Cottage

Henry TREVIS, head, mar, 40, Carter, Dorset


Mariam TREVIS, wife, mar, 41, Dorset, Bd.St.Mary


John MADDEN, boy, unm, 15, Ireland, Cork

180 Mount Pleasant

Richard RIDOUT, head, mar, 46, Farmer 113 acres E.3 men/boy, Dorset, Okeford


Caroline RIDOUT, wife, mar, 40, Dorset, Radipole


Alfred RIDOUT, son, 17, farmers son, Dorset, Wyke Regis


Henry RIDOUT, son, 15, farmers son, Dorset, Wyke Regis


Emma RIDOUT, dau, 13, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah RIDOUT, dau, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Martha RIDOUT, dau, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Bessie RIDOUT, dau, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Frederick STRANGE, serv, unm, 25, Dairyman, Dorset, Okeford


Mary HOBBS, serv, unm, 20, Dairymaid, Dorset, Symondsbury


Hannah MATTHEWS, visitor, widr, 69, Dorset, Netherbury

181 West Mead

Mary M ELIOT, wife, mar, 34, Bankers wife, India, Cawnpore

Fol. 69 page 40

Agnes M ELIOT, dau, 9, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Ethel L ELIOT, dau, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Harriett G ELIOT, dau, 4, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Reginald H ELIOT, son, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Gertrude H ELIOT, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole


Frances BAKER, serv, unm, 19, under nurse, Dorset, Piddletrenthide


Mary Ann PARSONS, serv, unm, 36, nurse, Dorset, Child Okeford


Sarah PRINCE, serv, unm, 23, house maid, Dorset, Tollard Royal


Emma E WARREN, serv, 21, cook, Dorset,


Rosalea A J DUPESTHREN?, justillilier?, French Governess, Aylbe Canter Van Euin?

182 Manor Farm

Job GILL, head, mar, 73, Farmer of 120 acres 2 lab 1 Boy, Dorset, Loders


Bridget GILL, wife, mar, 66, Farmer's wife, Devon, Colyton


George Abel GILL, son, unm, 30, farmers son, Dorset, Radipole


Emma S GILL, dau, unm, 28, farmer's daughter, Dorset, Radipole


Ann HOUSE, serv, unm, 18, serv, Dorset, Hilton


Henry FULLER, lodger, unm, 64, Annuitant, Middlesex, Chelsea


Charlotte MILLER, head, widow, 68, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Elizabeth MILLER, dau, unm, 38, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Amelia MILLER, dau, unm, 30, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


John CRITCHELL, head, mar, 54, Gardener, Dorset, Upwey


Anne CRITCHELL, wife, mar, 63, Formerly School Mistress, Dorset, Maiden Newton


Edith DE LA NEORE, boarder, unm, 19, Schoolmistress, Guernsey, St. Peters


George HENVILLE, head, mar, 52, late Butler, Dorset, Gunville


Maria A HENVILLE, wife, mar, 53, Dorset, Blandford


Emily J HENVILLE, dau, unm, 19, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 70 page 41

Jane S HENVILLE, dau, unm, 11, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Bessie A HENVILLE, dau, unm, 9, Dorset, Radipole


George HATCHER, head, mar, 51, lab, Dorset, Chickerell


Susan HATCHER, wife, mar, 45, laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Mary J MITCHELL, niece, unm, 15, laundress, Dorset, Fordington


John HATCHER, son, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Charles S MORRIS, nephew, 5, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


George BILLETT, head, mar, 24, Coachman, Dorset, Moreton


Elizabeth BILLETT, wife, mar, 21, Dorset, Radipole


Mary S BILLETT, dau, 5 months, Dorset, Radipole


George FORD, head, mar, 49, Gardener, Dorset, Upwey


Hester FORD, wife, mar, 50, Dorset, Winterborne


Harry W FORD, son, unm, 15, Dorset, Radipole


Esther FORD, dau, 14, Dorset, Radipole


Harriet H FORD, dau, 12, Dorset, Radipole


Robert G FORD, son, 11, Dorset, Radipole


Charles F FORD, son, 9, Dorset, Radipole


John HARRIS, head, mar, 68,Carpenter, Dorset, Watercombe


Jane HARRIS, head, mar, 68, Dorset, Lytchett


Rosa A HARRIS, G.dau, 10, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary MOWLEM, head, wid, 66, Monmouth


Margrett MOWLEM, dau, unm, 40, Dorset, Radipole


Edward MOWLEM, son, unm, 38, Miller, Dorset, Radipole


Edward PURCHASE, head, mar, 68, Coachman, Somerset, N.Perrott


Esther PURCHASE, wife, mar, 58, Dorset, Beaminster


Charles PURCHASE, son, unm, 14, scholar, Somerset, E Coker

1 uninhabited



George GALPIN, head, mar, 42, Carpenter, Dorset, Toller


Mary D GALPIN, wife, mar, 41. Dressmaker, Dorset, Powerstock


Henry S GALPIN, son, unm, 19, Carpenter, Dorset, Powerstock


Richard S GALPIN, son, unm, 15, Carpenter, Dorset, Toller


Frances CHURCHILL, serv, unm, 13, serv, Dorset, Upwey

194 Mill

Harry A STEVENS, serv, unm, 21, Clerk & (Miller), Dorset, Radipole


Thomas LOCKYER, appr, unm, 20, Apprentice Miller, Dorset, Blagdon

195 Mill

Jonathan GROVES, unm, 64, pauper, Dorset, Radipole

196 Mill

Mary BAULSH, head, wid, 34, Dressmaker, Somerset, N.Bruham


William J BAULSH, son, 7, Dorset, Radipole


Mary BAULSH, dau, 5, Dorset, Radipole


Kate BAULSH, dau, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Steven BAULSH, son, 10 months, Dorset, Radipole

197 Mill

Joseph SCRIVEN, head, mar, 22, Lab, Dorset, Radipole


Faith SCRIVEN, wife, 25, Dressmaker, Somerset, N.Newton


Eliza A SCRIVEN, dau, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Rosa J SCRIVEN, dau, 1 month, Dorset, Radipole

198 Cottage

William SCRIVEN, head, mar, 62, Shepherd, Dorset, Radipole


Jane SCRIVEN, wife, mar, 58, tailoress, Dorset, Chickerell


Samuel SCRIVEN, son, unm, 12, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


John SCRIVEN, son, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


William DOWNTON, head, mar, 77, lab, Dorset (Infirm)


Grace DOWNTON, wife, mar, 63, Dorset, Lyme


George GILL, head, mar, 53, lab, Loders


Dinah GILL, wife, mar, 49, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Charlotte GILL, dau, unm, 24, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Job GILL, son, unm, 19, Groom, Dorset, Radipole


Richard GILL, son, unm, 17, Gardner, Dorset, Radipole


Mark GILL, son, unm, 15, Dorset, Radipole


Harry F GILL, son, 13, Dorset, Radipole


Thomas DOWNTON, head, mar, 47, shepherd, Dorset, Bryanstone


Sarah DOWNTON, wife, mar, 48, Dorset, Radipole


Henry DOWNTON, son, unm, 17, Miller, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah DOWNTON, dau, unm, 14, Dorset, Radipole


Frances DOWNTON, dau, 9, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Thomas DOWNTON, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Herbert DOWNTON, son, 3, scholar, Dorset, Radipole

202 Higher Barn

John W JOY, head, mar, 33, carter, Dorset, Radipole


Sophia JOY, wife, mar, 37, Dorset, Symondsbury


George W JOY, son, 12, Dorset, Symondsbury


Mary J JOY, dau, 7, Dorset, Bradpole


Sarah A JOY, dau, 4, Dorset, Radipole


Henry W JOY, son, 3, Dorset, Radipole


Elizabeth JOY, dau, 1, Dorset, Radipole


Henry HARRIS, head, mar, 43, agricultural labourer, Dorset, Upwey


Priscilla HARRIS, wife, mar, 44, lab's wife, Dorset, Radipole


Frederick HARRIS, son, unm, 17, lab son, Dorset, Radipole


Arthur H HARRIS, son, unm, 15, lab son, Dorset, Radipole


Walter J HARRIS, son, 14, lab son, Dorset, Radipole


Emma J HARRIS, dau, 9, Dorset, Radipole


Ellen HARRIS, dau, 6, Dorset, Radipole


Priscilla HARRIS, dau, 5, Dorset, Radipole

204 Farm House

Joseph GROVES, head, mar, 70, Farmer 417 acres, Dorset, Came


Jane GROVES, wife, mar, 60, wife, Somerset, NK


Joseph GROVES, son, unm, 31, Farmer's son, Dorset, Upwey


Kate GROVES, dau, unm, 19, Dorset, Radipole


Selina GODDING, serv, unm, 27, Genl. Serv, Dorset, Chickl


John PEACH, head, mar, 42, carter, Dorset


Elizabeth PEACH, wife, mar, 42, Dorset


Eliza PEACH, dau, 16, Dorset


George PEACH, son, 13, Dorset


Marian PEACH, dau, 11, Dorset


Eli PEACH, son, 9, Dorset


Louisa PEACH, dau, 5, Dorset


Robert PEACH, son, 2, Dorset


Richard HALLET, head, mar, 43, Agri. lab, Dorset, Broadway


Elizabeth HALLET, wife, mar, 45, Dorset, Radipole


Susan A HALLET, dau, unm, 18, Dressmaker, Dorset, Radipole

West End

1 uninhabited

207 West End

William TREVIS, head, mar, 45, Carter, Somerset, Pendover


Harriet H TREVIS, wife, mar, 39, Somerset, Chard


William TREVIS, son, unm, 10, Dorset, Radipole


Walter TREVIS, son, unm, 8, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Daniel TREVIS, son, 2, Dorset, Radipole

Fol. 72 page 45


208 West End

Thomas ROBERTS, head, mar, 54, lab, Dorset, Stratton


Eliza ROBERTS, wife, mar, 63, Dorset, Bradford

209 West End

John LUCAS, head, mar, 74, Blacksmith, Dorset, Dorchester


Jane LUCAS, wife, mar, 73, Dorset, Fleet


Jane LUCAS, dau, unm, 37, Dorset, Radipole


Richard LUCAS, son, unm, 29, Blacksmith, Dorset, Radipole


Richard NEALE, lodger, mar, 43, ag.lab. Dorset, Osmington


George MORRIS, head, widr, 33, Gardener, Dorset, Broadwey


Mary J MORRIS, dau, unm, 14, Dorset, Radipole


George J MORRIS, son, unm, 12, Dorset, Radipole


Eliza MORRIS, dau, unm, 10, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Elizabeth MORRIS, dau, 3, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Mary MORRIS, dau, 2, Dorset, Radipole


Robert LUCAS, head, mar, 47, sailor M.S., Dorset, Radipole


Jane LUCAS, wife, mar, 37, Dorset, Fleet


Ellen LUCAS, dau, 13, Hant, Southampton


John LUCAS, son, 10, Hants


Sarah LUCAS, dau, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Annie LUCAS, dau, 5, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Ada LUCAS, dau, 3, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Susan LUCAS, dau, 3, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Martha LUCAS, dau, 5 months, Dorset, Radipole


George GALPIN, head, mar, 49, Agric.lab, Dorset, Toller


Sarah GALPIN, wife, mar, 34, Somerset, N. Preton?


David GALPIN, son, 13, Dorset, Ridgway

Fol. 72 page 46

Charlotte GALPIN, dau, 10, Dorset, Ridgway


Sophia GALPIN, dau, 2, Dorset, Ridgway

214 West

Richard HALLETT, head, widr, 71, agric. Lab, Dorset, Came

215 Mill

James BLACKMORE, head, widr, 60, Miller, Somerset, Ilminster


Robert READER, serv, unm, 20, asst. miller, Dorset, Chickerell


William DOWNTON, head, mar, 22, miller, Dorset, Radipole


Lavinia DOWNTON, wife, mar, 20, Dorset, Haselbury

217 Cottage

Thomas ELLIS, head, mar, 43, Carter, Dorset, Horsey


Jane ELLIS, wife, mar, 32, dressmaker, Dorset, Knighton West


Mary J ELLIS, dau, 11, Dorset, Broadmayne


Charlotte L ELLIS, dau, 9, Dorset, Radipole


Walter H ELLIS, son, 6, Dorset, Broadwey


Frank C ELLIS, son, 4, Dorset, Radipole


Herbert W ELLIS, son, 1, Dorset, Radipole

218 Cottage

Emma SYMES, head, wid, 38, Laundress, Dorset, Shipton


Mary SIMS, cousin, unm, 25, Laundress, Dorset, Shipton


Thomas CONWAY, nephew, 9, Dorset, Shipton

219 Cottage

Henry TAYLOR, head, mar, 45, Dorset, Corscombe


Mary TAYLOR, wife, mar, 50, Dorset, Halstock


Elizabeth TAYLOR, dau, unm, 18, Dorset, Corscombe


William TAYLOR, son, unm, 16, Dorset, Corscombe


Mary TAYLOR, dau, 14, Dorset, Whitchurch


Henry TAYLOR, son, 11, Dorset, Whitchurch


John TAYLOR, son, 8, Dorset, Beaminster

220 Corfe Hill House

John THRESHER, head, mar, Landowner 355 acres, emp.10 labor & 5 boys, Dorset, Dorchester

Fol. 73 page 47

Sarah M THRESHER, wife, mar, 36, Dorset, Weymouth


Edward B THRESHER, son, 7, scholar, Dorset, Weymouth


Catherine M THRESHER, dau, 7,Dorset, Weymouth


Mary B THRESHER, dau, 3, Dorset, Weymouth


Agatha M THRESHER, dau, 2, Dorset, Weymouth


George MOORE, serv, unm, 16, Footman, Dorset, Blandford


Prudence GARD, serv, unm, 45, nurse, Dorset, Shaftesbury


Selina PAYNE, serv, unm, 18, under nurse, Dorset, Dorchester


Anne HENNINGS, serv, unm, 39, housemaid, Gloster, Bristol


Maria CHARLES, serv, unm, 28, Cook, Dorset, Weymouth


Mary Ann YOUNG, serv, unm, 14, kitchen hand, Dorset, Dorchester

221 Nottington House

Richard O F STEWARD, head, mar, 47, JP, Col.on half pay, Landowner, Dorset, Melcombe Regis


Olivia E STEWARD, wife, mar, 39, Somerset, Bath


Louisa C STEWARD, sister, unm, 40, Dorset, Radipole


Edgar L GORDON, visitor, 8, Wilts, Donhead


Selina N GORDON, visitor, 6, Wilts, Donhead


Fanny SUNTAR?, serv, unm, 56, Cook, Dorset, Toller


Margrett WILLIAMS, serv, unm, 39, Ladys Maid, Flint


Sarah REID, serv, unm, 27, Housemaid, Dorset, Cerne


Flora A SHEPHERD, serv, unm, 26, kitchen maid, Dorset


Mary Ann HOUSE, visitor, unm, 24, nurse maid, Dorset, Somerset

222 Cottage

Francis HANSFORD, head, mar, 79, Independent, Dorset, Askerswell


Mary HANSFORD, wife, mar, 76, Dorset, Longbredy


Sarah GROVES, niece, unm, 16, Dorset, Longbredy

223 Cottage

Benjn. HARDY, head, mar, 28, Seaman, Dorset, Broadway

Fol. 73 page 48

Elizabeth HARDY, wife, mar, 28, Laundress, Dorset, Radipole


Margrett HARDY, dau, 6, scholar, Dorset, Radipole


Catherine O HARDY, dau, 8 months, Dorset, Radipole


Margrett WEBBER, mo in law, wid, 68, Devon, Barnstaple

224 Broadwey

Samuel BROWNSEY, head, mar, 66, Gardener, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah BROWNSEY, wife, mar, 70, Dorset, Purbeck


Annie MASTERS, G.dau, unm, 15, Devon, Plymouth


Mary ELLIS, lodger, unm, 60, Dorset, Tincleton


George CLARKE, lodger, unm, 29, Carter, Dorset, Briantspuddle

225 Redlands

Thomas GARLAND, head, mar, 67, Dairyman, Dorset, Owermoigne


Sarah GARLAND, wife, mar, 55, Dorset, Portland


Rhoda A GARLAND, dau, unm, 19, Dorset, Radipole


Harriett GARLAND, dau, unm, 18, Dorset, Radipole


John J GARLAND, son, unm, 16, Dorset, Radipole


Sarah A GARLAND, dau, unm, 15, Dorset, Radipole


William GARLAND, nephew, 28, Dairyman, Dorset, Owermoigne



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