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Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth

1841 Tithe Map for the parish of Radipole, Dorset

Including parts now known as Weymouth: on the East of Radipole Lake (the backwater) the Dorchester Road going North from Weymouth Seafront at Greenhill and the part on the North West bank of Radipole Lake (the backwater) now known as Southill.


Part of the parish of Buckland Ripers
The lower part of Nottington (just below Buckland Ripers) lay within the parish of Radipole







Part of the parish of Chickerell



This part is Southill, the south hill of Radipole. The lake branches off here in two places. The one that you can clearly see here is where the shops now are in Radipole Lane, the lower one is known as Chafeys Lake.


Radipole Lake, the backwater







At the top of the lake is Radipole village.









The X on the map is a plot bounded on the West by Radipole Lake and on the East by the Dorchester Road

Part of the parish of Preston

Here is Weymouth Seafront at Greenhill

Looking at this map today it is hard to recognise the Dorchester Road as being quite as close to Radipole Lake as it appears here. The map was constructed in 1841, several years before the reclamation of land from the lake. A lot of land on the eastern side of the lake was reclaimed in the 1850s around the time of the building of the railway. The present day railway station and the first part of the line North from Weymouth, as well as the buildings, the park (in Radipole Park Drive) and some houses are all built on the reclaimed land.


The tithe map on this page is reproduced with permission of the Public Record Office, piece number IR30/10 and is Crown Copyright. The tithe apportionments detailing the owners or tenants of each plot of land are in the class IR29/10 for Dorset.

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